Bird Spike Installation in Vancouver

The Lower Mainland’s beautiful location and abundance of tall buildings makes it prone to issues with nuisance birds. Pigeons, crows, gulls, and starlings frequently roost on ledges, signs, rooftops, and other infrastructure, causing damage and unsightly droppings.

Bird spikes offer a safe and effective solution to deter birds from landing while preserving Vancouver’s reputation for architectural beauty.

Bird Spike Vancouver

What are Bird Spikes? Definition and Benefits

Bird spikes, also called anti-perching spikes, are thin, spike-shaped strips made from stainless steel or UV-resistant polycarbonate. They can be affixed to any structure to prevent birds from landing and roosting. Benefits of bird spikes include:

  • Humane and non-lethal bird control
  • Protecting buildings from damage caused by droppings
  • Improving safety and aesthetics by keeping ledges clean
  • Long-lasting materials resist weathering
  • Customizable widths for different spaces
  • Allowing light and air to pass through.

Bird spikes prevent pigeons, crows, starlings, gulls, and other birds from gaining a foothold on treated surfaces. These spikes further remove their ability to land, roost, and nest, so that your property can be free of bird disturbance and droppings.

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Bird Spike Solutions from All Green Pest Control

All Green Pest Control can provide bird spike solutions for commercial and residential buildings across Vancouver. With over 10 years of experience, All Green’s bird control experts can assess your situation and recommend the best spike products and installation plan.

All Green provides bird spikes that are designed specifically to deter birds from landing on ledges, signs, rooftops, beams, and more. Our spikes feature rust-resistant stainless steel needles angled for different bird types and surface shapes.

In addition to premium spikes, All Green also supplies commercial-grade adhesives, sealants, fasteners, and other installation accessories. Our in-house team handles the entire job, from cleaning away nests or droppings to post-installation maintenance checks.

As an established local pest control company, All Green offers customized bird spike solutions for big and small projects alike while working to accommodate client schedules and budgets.

Types of Bird Spikes

There are different types of bird spikes to suit different bird species, space sizes, and surface shapes:

  • Pigeon spikes feature longer, thicker spikes spaced closer together to prevent larger birds like pigeons from landing. The steep angle deters roosting.
  • General bird spikes have slightly thinner spikes placed further apart to cover more area. The shallower angle deters smaller birds like starlings or sparrows.
  • Low-profile spikes offer similar bird protection but with shorter spike height for more discreet installation on pedestrian walkways or other high-traffic areas.
  • Flexible spikes use bendable polycarbonate spikes that can mold to curved surfaces like statues, signs, or decorative features.The width of each spike strip can also be adjusted from just a few inches to several feet wide.

All Green’s technicians determine the right spike dimensions and specifications to resolve each client’s unique bird problem.

Bird Spike Vancouver

Professional Bird Spike Installation

Do you need professionals to install bird spikes? The answer is yes – even though these items look easy to install, bird spikes need to be customized to your structure and bird issue. You’ll want to ask a professional pest control company to set them up properly. Improper installation severely reduces the effectiveness of bird spikes. All Green Pest Control uses professional-grade installation practices to ensure complete bird protection. The basic process includes:

  • Inspecting and thoroughly cleaning the surface area
  • Measuring and preparing spike strips to achieve full coverage
  • Applying adhesive and sealant to the base surface
  • Firmly pressing spikes into place, following with mechanical anchors if needed
  • Securing any loose edges with additional adhesive or ties
  • Allowing to fully cure before exposure to birds or weather.

It’s crucial to achieve consistent, gap-free coverage on all potential landing spots. The small stainless steel needles must stand upright to properly deter birds once they dry. Professional application also ensures the spikes and adhesive will withstand outdoor elements.

All Green’s experienced technicians account for the unique specifications of each treated surface, using a combination of adhesive types and mechanical anchors to ensure durable installation. We also clean any old nests or droppings, leaving your building clean and bird-free.

Bird Spike Pricing

Exact pricing depends on several factors:

  • Type of spikes used
  • Size of the area being covered
  • Surface material and installation method
  • Labour time involved
  • Special preparation or remediation needed.

As a general estimate, most bird spike installations average $10 to $20 per linear foot depending on these variables. This covers materials, custom fabrication if needed, specialized adhesive and sealants, and professional installation labour. To receive an accurate quote for your specific project, contact the bird control specialists at All Green Pest Control today at (604) 990-0100. Our team provides free estimates to commercial enterprises and residential customers alike.

Bird Spike Vancouver

Bird Spike FAQs

Q: How long do stainless steel bird spikes last?

A: With proper installation, commercial-grade stainless steel spikes last 8 to 10 years, depending on environmental conditions. All Green uses top brands that resist rust and corrosion.

Q: Do bird spikes work for all types of birds?

A: Bird spikes deter any bird that roosts on a flat surface, including pigeons, crows, starlings, gulls, sparrows, and more. Different spike dimensions can be used for larger or smaller birds.

Q: Will bird spikes damage my roof?

A: Bird spikes cause no damage to roof membranes or other surfaces when installed correctly using commercial-grade adhesives. All Green’s experienced technicians ensure proper application for each unique surface type.

Q: Should I clean under bird spikes when installed?

A: Yes, droppings and debris should be cleaned off the protected surface during installation. Afterward, seasonal cleaning under spikes is recommended depending on buildup.

Q: Can I install bird spikes myself?

A: Do-it-yourself application is not recommended. Improper installation of bird spikes can result in ineffective or short-lived protection. If you want a reliable solution to your bird problem, it’s best to have a professional install the spikes.

All Green’s professional bird spike application guarantees correct placement and adhesion to stop birds for many years.

Q: Do bird spikes look bad on buildings?

A: Modern bird spikes are designed to blend into existing architecture and preserve aesthetics. They can be colour-matched and are hardly visible from ground level. Most people don’t notice them.

Deterring Nuisance Birds in Vancouver with All Green Pest Control

Protect your Vancouver property from pigeons and other nuisance birds in a safe, effective and lasting way. Bird spikes offer a long-term, low-maintenance solution to keep unwanted birds away from buildings across Vancouver. All Green Pest Control provides complete bird spike solutions, from effective products to professional installation guaranteed to deter birds. 

To request a free quote for your commercial or residential property, call (604) 990-0100 today. Our team stops nuisance birds with effective, humane bird spike application.