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Welcome to All Green! We deliver total, specialized pest control in the Metro Vancouver area that your business can count on. That means we will be on time, you can be sure our workers are knowledgeable, and you can expect that we will return your phone calls. All Green Pest Control products are applied professionally, safely, and in a way that cares for everyone’s welfare. Rest assured that our methods are safe to you, your employees, your customers as well as the environment. Give us a call.

Pest infestations, like those caused by insects, rodents, birds, and wildlife, can pose significant threat to your businesses. The presence of these uninvited guests often leads to product contamination, structural damage to properties, and also jeopardizes the health and safety of employees, unsettles customers, which can ultimately damage your business’s reputation.

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Commercial Pest Control by All Green

With specialized expertise in commercial pest management, the team at All Green Pest Control Vancouver understands that pests can infiltrate any place – offices, restaurants, warehouses, factories, and other workspaces. The negative impact of pest problems can vary, from causing mere discomfort to potentially crippling a business, particularly those in the food service industry.

Do not let pests handicap your business operations. Our professionally certified exterminators at All Green Pest Control are equipped to design a pest control program and an effective pest control maintenance plan tailored to your business’s unique needs.


Commercial Pest Control by All Green

Dealing with pests as soon as possible avoids irreversible damage to your business. When you engage the expertise of a trained and certified commercial exterminator, you speed up your return to business priorities. This reduces potential business hazards, be it loss of merchandise, unhappy customers, or a blow to your profit margin.


That’s where we come in!  All Green Pest Control is your dependable commercial pest control specialist. No matter what kind of business you have, we’ve got your pest concerns covered.

Reliable Commercial Pest Control Service in Vancouver BC

Let us handle those unwelcome visitors for you.

Not only can we wipe out pesky problems that are currently giving you a hard time, but we’re also here to help nip future pest invasions in the bud and keep your place of business pest free. With this, you can concentrate on the thing that matters – growing your business!


Pest Management in Food Establishments

Restaurants offer rich food resources, making them especially susceptible to pest infestations. The quality of reputation with their patrons – as well as compliance with industry standards for food production, cleanliness, and pest management – are most important. All Green Pest Control brings extensive experience helping food businesses combat various pest challenges, ranging from minor ant issues and cockroaches to significant rodent problems. Our pest control technicians have dealt with, resolved, and prevented the reoccurrence of such issues effectively!

Pest Management in Offices

While offices are often perceived as clean spaces, they are not immune to pest invasions. Pest situations in offices occur more regularly than one might imagine. They can range from basic problems like deterring pigeons from nesting above your entrance, to more complex issues such as an infestation of rodents in your business venue. All Green Pest Control is your trusted group of professionals for handling every pest-related complication at your business office.

Pest Management in Hotels

In addition to the common pest issues that plague most businesses, hotels and BnBs are confronted with the unique situation of managing the extremely migratory and difficult-to-eliminate bed bugs. These annoying insects may arrive with your guests or be introduced from a nearby building, making them challenging to counter. It becomes critical to employ qualified specialists to effectively exterminate the infestation. Also, it’s essential for these specialists to collaborate with you to develop ways to avert future pest attacks.

Pest Management in Warehouses

Warehouses are often linked with pest infestations. We specialize in the prevention, control, and elimination of pests that may potentially infest your storerooms or storage units. Regardless of whether these pests are insects, rodents, or unique species, our team possesses the necessary expertise and equipment to eradicate your pest issues in a safe and efficient manner.

Creating Safe Work Environments with Commercial Pest Management

All Green Pest Control is a frontrunner among commercial pest control companies in the Greater Vancouver Area. Our comprehensive pest control solutions span various business premises and other commercial properties.


Pest Control Inspections

The start of every All Green Pest Control service, regardless of whether it’s for rodent extermination or ant treatment, or even for a recurring maintenance program quote, requires an intensive inspection. As we thoroughly inspect, the more information we gather about your premises, the more successful our certified technicians can be in ensuring a pest-free environment for you.

To schedule an inspection, kindly reach out to us via phone call at 604-990-0100.

Entry Point Exclusion

At All Green Pest Control, our primary focus when eliminating rodents or wildlife is to seal all possible entry points. This method, known as entry point exclusion, not only prevents pests from entering but also helps lower the monthly cost and reduce future pest problems.

It should be noted that despite blocking these entry points, many facilities still require routine pest control. Hence, it’s especially beneficial for businesses that produce food, restaurants, and residential complexes, to have exclusion work done, as well as have a continuous pest control plan in place. This can significantly contribute to the smooth operation of the business.

Pest Management Plans

Through the creation of a personalized Pest Management Plan, our pest control specialists guarantee to maintain your premises as a pest-free zone. Our services cater to various establishments such as strata complexes, restaurants, or industrial warehouses. We will tailor-make pest solutions and pest control methods into an effective plan that fits your specific requirements.

Single Treatment Solutions

Several pests, including wood-boring insects such as termites and carpenter ants, can be exterminated for good with appropriate initial treatment. When it comes to these wood-destroying pests, our experts at All Green Pest Control are equipped with the necessary skills to carry out the industry’s most detailed inspections. This allows us to effectively focus on concealed termite and carpenter ant colonies during treatment. Please contact us to schedule an on-site assessment and get a personalized quote.

We Address All Your Commercial Pest Problems Effectively

All Green Pest Control is an expert at recognizing, eliminating, and blocking any potential recurrence of pests, irrespective of their size. Our commercial pest control experts in Vancouver are proficient at managing and exterminating a variety of pest issues, such as:





Safeguard your enterprise (along with your profits!) from bothersome pests. Reach out to us immediately for a complimentary, on-premises assessment, consultation, and estimate on our pest management programs and extermination services.

Commercial and Industrial Pest Control in Vancouver

All Green Pest Control is your trusted commercial pest control services in the Greater Vancouver Area. For any commercial and industrial pest-related problems, or even residential pest control service you may need, All Green Pest Control is on standby to provide the needed assistance. Our team consists of well-trained professionals who are experts in handling various levels of infestations, thus promising a healthy and pest-free environment for you. We offer local pest control solutions to commercial facilities in the Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and most Metro Vancouver areas.

For a personalized estimate, feel free to contact us today at 604-990-0100.