A.K.A: “House mouse”
Size: 6.3 – 9.5 cm
Color:  Light or dark brown
Body: Round ears, pointy tail


Mice are small rodents, warm-blooded mammals, which have been known to cause significant problems to properties, especially in the event of infestation. They are quite common in agricultural regions, although they can be found literally everywhere. Along with their larger relatives (rats), they can cause not only damages to properties but also spread diseases. This is why mouse pest control is required, as soon as the infestation has been spotted.

Everyone is aware of the appearance of mice, although in some cases they are mistaken for rats. Mice are much smaller in size, while they have got round ears and a pointy tail, furry body, and distinctive teeth. They are most frequently brown or grayish in color, and they breed exponentially.


Mice will typically invade your home for food. They are constantly in search of food supplies, and they can squeeze themselves to fit even at the slightest hole. Mice do not only feed on cheese like some cartoons indicate. They will eat anything, from breadcrumbs to cereals and rice, pasta, or lentils. They are adaptable, and they are known to contaminate far more food than what they eat.

They reproduce throughout the year, meaning that their population can grow out of control even within a few weeks. Especially during winter, they are in search of warmth and hence they get closer together and reproduce more often.

It is essential to point out that a mouse can spread various diseases through feces, urination and of course through saliva or through biting. All these are ways in which viruses and extremely harmful diseases can be spread to large populations.


To prevent mice infestation, you need to be thorough when cleaning and avoid leaving any food waste in places where mice can access. Do not leave anything on the sink, not even the slightest food waste that can become a treat for a mouse.

Additionally, you need to be extra careful when you cover the holes at different places of your home or other property. Due to their size and flexibility, mice can squeeze their body and get through even the tiniest hole. So you ought to make sure that your place is hole-proof.

Seeking Professional Help:

Of course, it is best that you seek professional assistance towards dealing with mouse pest control in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia. Only in this way can you rest assured that all the population of mice has been dealt with effectively. Even though you may be certain that you have removed all mice from your home, even a couple left untreated can still increase their population rapidly.


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