Pantry Moth Control in Vancouver

Pantry moths, also known as Indian meal moths, can seem like an impossible pest to control once they’ve made themselves at home in your kitchen. Their tiny larvae weave messy webs as they contaminate your food with their cocoons and frass (aka: bug poop).

Getting rid of an existing infestation is challenging enough, but keeping pantry moths from returning again and again often feels hopeless without professional help.

That’s where All Green Pest Control comes in. As Vancouver’s premier pest control company using integrated pest management techniques, we know how to banish pantry moths for good.

We’ll design a customized pantry moth control program for your home that tackles every stage of the pantry moth life cycle through inspection, monitoring, sanitation, and exclusion. With our chemical-free treatments, we’ll get your infestation under control and keep it that way. No more webs in your flour or larvae wriggling out of your pasta box!

Signs of a Pantry Moth Problem

Pantry moths start out as tiny eggs laid directly on or near a food source. As larvae hatch, they burrow into their starchy or sugary food of choice, leaving behind trails of silk webbing and tiny black specks (frass). The small wormlike larvae molt several times over 4-8 weeks before forming a cocoon, emerging 7-10 days later as adult moths with distinctive golden brown wings.

The moths themselves don’t damage food — that’s all down to their larvae. But spotting just a few flying moths means you likely have an uncontrolled infestation somewhere in your pantry. Other signs include:

  • Fine silken webs in cupboards or food containers
  • Clumps of grain, flour, pasta, etc. stuck together with webbing
  • Tiny black or brown specks mixed into food
  • Larvae or cocoons in food containers or cupboards
  • Chewed holes in food packaging
  • Moths fluttering when you open infested cupboards

Uncontrolled pantry moth infestations can ruin all sorts of dry goods, spices, baking ingredients, and even unsealed bags of pet food. Getting rid of them calls for thorough sanitation measures and relentless monitoring.

Pantry Moth Control Vancouver

Pantry Moth Control from All Green Pest Control

At All Green Pest Control, we don’t mess around when it comes to pantry moth elimination. We use integrated pest management techniques that are safe, effective, and guaranteed not to harm your family or pets like harsh chemical pesticides could.

Our highly trained technicians have special expertise when it comes to targeting pantry moths. We inspect to pinpoint the source, then customize a treatment plan using multiple control tactics aimed at interrupting their life cycle.

Here is an overview of our pantry moth control process:

What to expect when you schedule a Pantry Moth control and extermination service

Step 1: Pantry Moth Control Inspection

The first step in effectively treating a Pantry Moth infestation is a thorough inspection. We will identify and verify every Pantry Moth breeding site with our certified staff.


Step 2: Plan & Treat

As soon as we discover an infestation, our experts will provide you with a treatment strategy to ensure the best results possible. We use a natural biopesticide that is safe for you and your family and incredibly effective against moths.


Step 3: Maintain

The most crucial part of Pantry Moth treatment is keeping your home pest-free. You will feel more at ease knowing that keeping your home tidy and free of pantry moths will be simpler. At All Green Pest Control we strive to give you that. Give us a call for another treatment if you discover that these annoying pests have returned!

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Why Pantry Moth Prevention Matters

Pantry moths are masters at sneaking into your home undetected — often hiding out in packaging of bulk foods and grains bought from the store. Just a few larvae can give rise to an explosion down the road. Within weeks to months, you’ll have full blown contamination as they spread to colonize all suitable food sources in your kitchen.

And once an infestation takes hold, getting back to pest-free status is tough. Pantry moth eggs and larvae hunker down out of sight in tiny crevices and food containers. They leave behind microscopic hairs that cause allergic reactions and contamination that makes food unpalatable.

Without control measures, pantry moths stick around indefinitely — laying new eggs to continue the cycle. Infestations that are allowed free reign for too long often mean having to throw out a lot of food to starve them out. That gets expensive, not to mention wasteful. Diligent monitoring and prevention tactics are essential for staying on top of pantry moth problems before they spiral out of control.

Pantry Moth Prevention Tips

While pantry moths can show up without warning in packaged foods, there are some steps you can take to discourage them from settling in long term:.

Store food properly

  • Keep all food in insect-proof airtight containers – no paper or plastic bags
  • Glass, plastic, or metal containers all work to exclude pests
  • Make sure lids seal tightly
Store Food Properly Moth Prevention Tips Inspect packaged food before storage Moth Prevention Tips Vancouver
Clean up infested items immediately Moth Prevention Tips Vancouver

Clean up infested items immediately

  • Don’t just toss infested packages back on the shelf!
  • Remove all contaminated items to the trash outside
  • Thoroughly clean shelves, corners, and crevices

Inspect packaged food before storage

  • Check bulk bins at the store for signs of infestation
  • Inspect packaging carefully for small holes or larvae
  • Freeze new grain products for 4-7 days to kill any eggs or larvae
Inspect packaged food before storage Moth Prevention Tips Vancouver
Pantry Pest Monitoring Traps Moth Prevention Tips Vancouver

Use pantry pest monitoring traps

  • Pheromone traps draw in adult moths to get captured
  • Sticky traps catch larvae emerging from food packages

Keep the kitchen clutter-free

  • Don’t give pests places to hide and breed
  • Store seldom used appliances like mixers out of the kitchen
  • Clean out old junk from drawers and corners
Keep the kitchen clutter-free Moth Prevention Tips Vancouver

Following these tips religiously in your own home will go a long way towards preventing pantry moth problems. But if you already have a full blown infestation with heavy contamination? Call in the professionals!

Why Choose All Green Pest Control?

All Green Pest Control’s pest management technicians have the knowledge, experience, and commitment to get your pantry moth situation resolved once and for all. 

We focus on ecology not toxins – Rather than reaching for harsh chemical pesticides as a first resort, we turn to sanitation, mechanical exclusion, biological controls and disruption techniques. This environmentally responsible approach works with nature – not against it.

Our technicians specialize in urban pests – We are the Lower Mainland’s leading experts when it comes to stored product pests like pantry moths, carpet beetles, and clothes moths. We train our teams to high standards so they can inspect, identify, and treat the most challenging infestations.

We tailor plans to your situation – No two homes or infestations are exactly alike. After a thorough inspection of your kitchen, we’ll design a program using multiple control tactics aimed specifically at the weaknesses of pantry moths. Then we diligently monitor traps and follow up to ensure treatments are working.

Our process is eco-friendly and family safe – You won’t need to evacuate your home or throw out cabinets full of dishes. We use food grade products for sanitation and non-toxic treatments approved for use around people and pets when needed.

We stand behind our work – If pantry moths aren’t eliminated to your complete satisfaction, we’ll return for additional treatments at no extra cost. Our job isn’t done until your home is pest-free.

Take Control of Pantry Moths: Call Today!

Don’t let pantry moths and their messy webs continue to contaminate your kitchen. All Green Pest Control has the know-how to knock back infestations and the diligence needed to prevent these pernicious pests from recurring.

We serve the entire Metro Vancouver area, including Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster and surrounding lower mainland cities.

Contact All Green Pest Control today at (604) 990-0100 for a free inspection and custom-tailored pantry moth control program for your home.