Pest Cleanup Services in Vancouver

Vancouver’s mild climate makes it prone to pest problems. Have you noticed strange smells, spots, or damage in your Vancouver home or business? This likely indicates a pest issue requiring thorough cleanup services.

For effective and thorough pest cleanup services in Vancouver, call All Green Pest Control today at (604) 990-0100.

Pest Cleanup Services in Vancouver

Signs Your Vancouver Home Needs Pest Cleanup Services

Some visible signs of an infestation that needs cleanup include:

  • Rodent droppings around baseboards, in cupboards, attics, etc.
  • Cockroach spotting or egg cases
  • Ant trails leading to nests
  • Buzzing sounds signalling beehives or wasp nests
  • Strange odours from decaying pests or waste
  • Mice nests made of shredded paper or fabrics
  • Wood damage from termites or carpenter ants
  • An actual sighting of multiple live pests.

If you have these issues, it’s recommended you get professional cleanup of infested surfaces. Attempting DIY removal risks missing key nesting sites and proper contamination protocols. Vancouver pest cleanup professionals have the tools and knowledge to fully eliminate infestations at the source.

Health Dangers of Pest Infestations

Pests carry diseases easily transmissible to humans by contact with hairs, feces, saliva, or bites. They can spread harmful bacteria like Salmonella, Streptococcus, Listeria, E. coli, and more. Allergies and asthma can also be triggered by proteins in pests’ skins, fur, or exoskeletons. Further health risks include:

  • Rat Bite Fever: Bites lead to fever, vomiting, joint pain, and muscle aches.
  • Lyme Disease: Rats and mice carry disease-infected ticks.
  • Food poisoning: Eating pest-contaminated foods causes extreme gastrointestinal distress.
  • Hantavirus: Deer mice droppings and urine contain this serious respiratory virus.
  • Plague: Though rare, rats and other rodents can transmit plague bacteria from fleas.

Pest infestations must be handled safely to prevent spread of these dangerous diseases to your family. Our pro services at All Green Pest Control adhere to strict protocols during cleanup.

Types of Pest Clean Ups

Insect Clean Up

How to Clean Up After a Cockroach Treatment

If cupboards were treated, replace dishes lip-side up to avoid contact with treated surfaces. Avoid wiping down treated areas as this removes insecticidal residues. Light cleaning between treatments is okay but avoid treated baseboards.

How to Clean Up After a Spider Treatment

It’s safe to vacuum up dead spiders but avoid baseboards where spider treatment is applied. Over-cleaning removes residues that effectively kill spiders long-term.

How to Clean Up After a Bed Bug Treatment

Avoid disturbing harborage sites and deep cleaning between treatments, as this drives bed bugs deeper and removes insecticidal dusts. Especially avoid water and cleaning products around treated baseboards.


Rodent Clean Up

How to Clean Up After a Rodent Pest Control Treatment

Use disinfectants and damp cloths to safely clean droppings without kicking up viruses. Avoid brooms or vacuums. For dead rodents, disinfect and seal in bags before outdoor disposal. Allow insecticidal baits time to work before extensive cleaning.


Wildlife Clean Up

How to Clean Up After a Raccoon Removal

Wear protective gear when handling raccoon feces. Mist affected areas before gently wiping away droppings to minimize contaminant spread. Seal entry points to prevent re-infestation. Seek professional help for large removals.


Hoarder/Crime Scene Clean Up

We also have specialty training for traumatic, biohazardous clean up after homicides, unattended deaths, or in hoarded, dilapidated premises with severe pest infestations.

Regardless of the pest, All Green Pest Control has the right methodology and solutions to remediate any infested site in Vancouver. Contact us at (604) 990-0100 to learn more about our pest clean up services.

ULV Disinfecting

Our process of ultra low volume fogging (ULV) allows our sterilizing agents to penetrate even hard to reach areas, killing pathogens on contact. The low volume means quick drying within seconds, allowing us to disinfect delicate materials without risk of damage.

Advantages of Professional Pest Cleanup

Attempting DIY pest cleanup seems appealing but has significant downsides:

Health Hazards

Improper handling of droppings, nests, or dead pests spreads bacteria and viruses. Lack of protective gear also endangers your health.

Incomplete Elimination

Due to hidden nests and cracks, total eradication is difficult for non-professionals. Re-infestation often occurs. 

No Prevention Plan

Sealing entry points, installing monitoring stations, applying pesticides in appropriate areas prevents future infestations. DIYers often miss these crucial steps.

Improper Use of Chemicals

Toxic baits, dusts, sprays, and foggers require exact calculations and locations to avoid contamination or harm to people and pets. Misapplied treatments can make matters worse.

Vancouver pest cleanup professionals have the expertise, tools, and processes to completely eliminate current problems and prevent new ones. This is vital for protecting your home or business.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pest Clean Up

Q: How long does pest cleanup take?

A: Professional pest cleanup takes 2-3 visits – an initial inspection, thorough treatment, and follow-up evaluation. The process spans 2-6 weeks depending on pest type and infestation level. Preventative measures will also be installed to provide ongoing protection.

Q: How much does pest clean up cost in Vancouver?

A: The cost varies based on the extent of infestation, size of premises, and type of pest. After inspection, we provide free written quotes outlining the pest clean up costs. Given the health risks involved, this service is well worth the investment.

Q: What risks are associated with DIY pest clean up?

A: Without proper gear and solutions, attempting pest clean up yourself can spread diseases through contact with contaminants. The droppings, urine, and nests also need special hazardous material disposal so that the pests or odors do not return.

Q: What types of pests do you clean up after?

A: Our extensive experience allows us to professionally clean a wide variety of infestations by rodents, insects, arachnids, wildlife, birds, and stinging insects found commonly in Vancouver premises.

Q: What protective gear do your technicians utilize?

A: Based on biohazard levels, our techs use coveralls, gloves, goggles, respirators, and masks as mandated by Occupational Health And Safety during pest clean up procedures. Our solutions are also chemically safe.

Q: How do you dispose of pest contaminants?

A: We safely contain and dispose of all hazardous waste like carcasses, nesting, and droppings at registered facilities. Our cleaning solutions are also non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Q: Is it safe to stay in my home during pest cleanup?

A: Yes, you can safely remain in your home during treatment. We isolate work areas to avoid contact with pesticides and thoroughly ventilate spaces after application. Those with severe allergies or asthma may prefer to vacate the premises short-term. Inform your technician of any health conditions.

Q: How can I prevent future pest problems after cleanup?

A: Your All Green Pest Control technician will advise on sanitation and structural improvements to deter pests. We also install preventative measures like seals, traps, monitors and treatments. Maintaining a clean home, promptly fixing leaks, and reporting any new sightings also helps keep pests away long-term.

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