Humane Squirrel Control in Vancouver

Squirrels may be small but they can cause big trouble! These rodents chew their way into homes, destroying roofs and vents – especially in the winter when you don’t need the headache of these household issues. 

Once they’ve found their way in, these creatures only create more problems like wiring and insulation damage. And once they start nesting, they can even destroy your prized possessions that are stored away in the attic. Holes created by these rodents will allow rain and snow to enter, not to mention other animals like raccoons and rats. 

Vulnerable insulation and electrical cables can become a fire hazard, creating a snowball effect that puts you at risk of some very expensive and dangerous situations. 

Do these dangers sound concerning to you? Call All Green Pest Control today and we’ll take care of your squirrel issues for you. Contact us to schedule your rodent removal inspection.

Squirrel Control in Vancouver

What to Know About Squirrel Pest Control

All Green Pest Control ensures the humane capture and removal of squirrels. Our wildlife specialist will conduct a thorough inspection of your property in order to assess the severity of the issue. We will then recommend a customised removal and prevention strategy that will address your specific squirrel infestation problem.

Removing squirrels can be dangerous for people who want to attempt DIY methods. You could end up being seriously hurt after falling from roofs or ladders trying to chase squirrels – only to find that your squirrel problem persists despite all your time and effort.

It might be tempting to try squirrel repellents but there is no approved or efficient squirrel repellent that is as effective as professional squirrel control. You may see some treatments, such as mothball- or urine-based repellents and ultrasonic sound emitters, but these are usually ineffective or outright fake.

The same goes for loud radios or flashing lights as attic rodent repellent. When it comes to controlling and removing squirrels, there is no one-size-fits-all remedy as each squirrel problem varies in severity and has a unique source. It’s preferable to hire a pro to trap and humanely remove the animals.

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Why is Squirrel Pest Control Service Necessary?

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Property damage is a big concern when you have a squirrel invasion. They dig holes and build nests in attics and yards. They chew on various items in the home, which will be your first clue that they are running amok in your property. If you want to prevent further damage to your home, you need to get them removed and keep them off for good.

At all Green Pest Control, we make sure to remove rodents like squirrels using humane procedures. Our removal and preventative measures guarantee that these critters don’t remain an issue.

Unlike other squirrel or rodent control firms, we specialise not just in pest control but wildlife control as well. 

Wildlife poison is cruel and ineffective, and may put pets in danger. In ill-advised DIY methods, rat poison is commonly used, but squirrels don’t really eat food with rat poison. The poison could instead pose a risk to your pets or contaminate your property. We know to avoid methods like these so that your entire household can stay safe. All Green Pest Control uses secure methods to remove unwanted animals using exclusion barriers and live cage traps. 

Our technicians are experienced in dealing with various rodent species. We can take care of your squirrels, rats, raccoons, or skunk issues for you. Contact us today; our professionals are happy and eager to assist!

Get Quick, Humane Squirrel Removal Near You

Our wildlife specialist chooses only the most efficient and humane method to remove the squirrels from your property. When performing squirrel removal, we implement the following procedures to fully resolve your squirrel issue:

  • Examine the entire house or building, including the attic and the roof
  • Seal all entry points with steel so that squirrels can’t gnaw through them
  • Install humane live traps beginning in the attic where rodents usually nest
  • Remove all captured squirrels
  • Monitor squirrel activity until none is observed
  • Remove waste, swap out insulation, and fix damaged materials.
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Risks Posed by Squirrel, Rodent, and Wildlife Infestation

Most of the calls we receive are from people who hear squirrels and rodents skittering inside their walls or attic. That’s where the majority of the damage is. Inside, these rodents nibble on cable wires and insulation which can be very hazardous to households. In addition, wild animals leave feces and urine in attics, creating problems with mold and odour.

Even when they’re outside your house, these pests may cause headaches. They can dig holes next to your house, raid your trash, steal pet food, and damage your landscaping or garden.

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Wild animals also carry many diseases like histoplasmosis, salmonella, and leptospirosis, which humans can and do contract. If an illness from an animal can be transmitted to humans, it’s classified as a zoonotic disease. Humans can get these diseases through animal bites, scratches, or waste matter contamination. Animals that typically spread such diseases include not just squirrels but also raccoons, bats, birds, opossums, and rats.

Whatever the issue, our wildlife specialists can eliminate its root cause and stop it the infestation from happening again.

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What to expect when you schedule a rodent removal.

Step 1: Squirrel Control Service Inspection

Every service starts with a thorough inspection as preparation for squirrel removal. Our animal removal professionals will locate the nest and all areas where squirrels may be hiding. From this, we will begin formulating a tailored plan for squirrel control and removal from your home.


Step 2: Squirrel Removal and Trapping

All squirrels must be physically removed from your home to ensure a complete solution. We may use snap traps, bait and control traps, and adhesive traps.


Step 3: Professional Squirrel Control Exclusion

Our rodent removal and control experts will locate and seal any potential entry points, ensuring a rodent-free home after removal.

Squirrel Prevention & Control in Vancouver

One of the most frequent questions we get is, “How long before the squirrels come back?” For those who merely use DIY measures, the answer is: not long! Without a professional procedure, squirrel removal is not enough, and a new batch of squirrels will likely discover your property.

There are many ways to keep squirrels out of your home. You’ll want to remove or at least confine the things in your yard that draw rodents in, such as fruit trees and easily accessible bird feeders. In some instances, you may need to cut down all of your trees.

To keep them out of your home, you need to locate and seal any gaps leading inside the building.

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While our removal services ensure that all potential access points are sealed off, you can keep an eye on them and make sure they stay sealed. Also be on the lookout for potential new squirrels to appear. Vigilance is key to preventing recurrence, not only with squirrels but also with other animals that may use holes as entry points.

Our expertise extends beyond squirrel prevention and removal. We also do comprehensive clean-ups of the impacted region so we leave your home clean and safe after the infestation.

You can learn more about squirrels by visiting our Squirrel Breakdown in our Pest Library.

Humane Squirrel Exterminator Services You Can Trust

The best option if there are squirrels on your property is to trap and remove them. If there are squirrels in the attic, we will seal off any open holes and weak spots with a material that squirrels can’t chew through, such as steel. We can then use one-way exclusion doors and tunnels to trap and remove the squirrels or to keep them out.

Balancing human health and pest control is important to us. All Green Pest Control focuses on humane ways to get rid of squirrels and other rodents to ensure squirrel extermination methods are safe for humans and other friendly wildlife.

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As Vancouver-based squirrel exterminator professionals, we know the risks posed by certain rodenticides to other animals. Friendly wildlife that eat rodents may be harmed if they ingest squirrels with rodenticides. Your very own pets could be at risk with accidental consumption of squirrels. Children and dogs shouldn’t be able to access the locations where squirrel traps are set, and extreme care should be given when handling and disposing of squirrel carcasses.

If not applied correctly, certain squirrel control methods can be dangerous to both people and animals. All Green Pest Control technicians ensure this never happens with our removal service.

Eco-friendly Squirrel & Rodent Extermination Vancouver BC

As experienced squirrel exterminators in Vancouver, All Green Pest Control will employ proven squirrel elimination and control methods with minimal risk to people, pets, and wildlife. Effectively get rid of your problem with our qualified squirrel extermination techniques.

For nearly a decade now, we have helped numerous households and businesses in Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, and other Metro Vancouver areas. Our clients are highly satisfied, as our rodent and other pest management services produce outstanding results. Call us today or schedule for a free quote on rodent extermination.

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