Pest Control for Strata Management in Vancouver

Pest control is a critical issue for strata management companies and boards in Vancouver. Unwanted pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, mice, and more can quickly infest a multi-unit residential building, creating major problems for residents and property managers alike. That’s why having a comprehensive commercial pest control plan administered by a professional pest control company is so important for any strata corporation.

This article will provide an overview of common pests in Vancouver, highlight key elements of an effective pest control program for strata properties, and offer tips for choosing the right pest control provider. Whether you’re a strata council member, property manager, or resident, read on to learn how to keep your building pest-free and enjoyable for all.

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Why Pest Control Is A Necessity For Strata Buildings

Pest control is extremely important for apartments, condominiums, and other multi-unit residential buildings. These high-density living spaces provide ideal conditions for pests to thrive and spread rapidly between units. Cockroaches, mice, bed bugs, and stored product pests are common invaders that can negatively impact property values and resident health. Pest issues in one unit can quickly become a building-wide problem. Having a comprehensive pest management plan administered by a professional pest control company is the most effective way to protect tenants and property owners against infestations. Technicians implement preventative measures like sealing entry points and targeted treatments to control current invasions. Tenants must also do their part by maintaining cleanliness and promptly reporting any sightings. Consistent pest control is essential for keeping apartment and condo communities pest-free.

Common Pests in Vancouver Strata Properties

Vancouver’s temperate climate means pests can thrive year-round, both indoors and out. Here are some of the most common pest problems plaguing local strata corporations:

Cockroach Pest Control Vancouver


Cockroaches are one of the most reviled yet common pests in Vancouver. The two species most often encountered are the German cockroach and the Oriental cockroach. These nocturnal insects feed on food scraps and can reproduce rapidly, allowing populations to quickly get out of control. They can spread bacteria and trigger allergies as well.


House mice are agile climbers that can squeeze through tiny cracks and crevices. They build nests from shredded paper and fabrics and contaminate food with their urine and droppings. Mice can transmit hantavirus, salmonella, and other dangerous diseases

Mice Pest Control Vancouver
Rats Pest Control Vancouver


Rats are larger than mice and require more space. The Norway rat is the most common species that infests buildings in Vancouver. Rats gnaw through wood, plastic, soft metals, and even concrete. They damage wiring and can spark electrical fires with their gnawing.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, flat parasites that feed solely on blood. They hide in cracks near sleeping areas and emerge at night to bite exposed skin, causing itchy welts. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to eradicate once established.

Bed Bugs Pest Control Vancouver
Chafer Beetles Pest Control Vancouver

Chafer Beetles

The European chafer beetle has become a serious nuisance pest for many strata buildings and condominium complexes in the Vancouver area over the past decade. The adult beetles lay their eggs on short, closely-cropped lawns, with the larvae (grubs) later feeding voraciously on the tender roots of turf grass and other plants. Heavy infestations can destroy entire lawns and residents can one day just wake up to torn up lawns or gardens in their strata properties from birds and raccoons (who often do the most damage) digging up the property in search of grubs.


Ants invade buildings in search of food and shelter. Odorous house ants give off a rotten coconut smell when crushed. Carpenter ants burrow into wood and can severely damage structures. Ants contaminate food preparation surfaces and are a nuisance to residents.

Ants Pest Control Vancouver
Stored Product Pest Control Vancouver

Stored Product Pests

Pantry pests like moths, beetles, and mites infest dried goods and packaged foods. They leave behind webbing, larvae, and waste particles that make food inedible.

Occasional Invaders

Stink bugs, spiders, centipedes, and other occasional invaders enter structures through cracks, vents, and other openings. While they don’t infest, they can still alarm residents.

Occasional Invaders Control Vancouver

Elements of a Comprehensive Pest Control Program

To safeguard a strata building against pests, property managers need to implement a complete pest control regimen in partnership with a professional pest management company. Key elements include:


Inspection & Monitoring

A qualified pest control technician should thoroughly inspect all common areas and units at least twice per year. This includes looking for signs of current or potential infestations, identifying conditions conducive to pests, and ensuring previous treatments are still effective. Monitoring tools like glue boards and pheromone traps can also be deployed for ongoing surveillance between scheduled inspections.

Sanitation & Exclusion

Eliminating pest access to food, water, and shelter is crucial for prevention. Technicians should identify and seal up cracks, install door sweeps, trim overgrown vegetation, and make other recommendations to deny entry and cut off survival needs. Residents must also maintain cleanliness in their units to avoid attracting pests.

Targeted Treatments

Treating current infestations and hot spots proactively is important for immediate control. Gel baits, insect growth regulators, botanical sprays, and other advanced treatments target pests while minimizing risk to people, pets, and the environment.

Follow-Up & Adjustments

A single visit is rarely enough to fully solve a pest problem. Technicians must return on a schedule to check monitoring devices, retreat if needed, and ensure the program is working as intended. The pest control plan should also be adjusted based on evolving conditions in the building.

Partnering with All Green Pest Control

For nearly 20 years, All Green Pest Control has been Vancouver’s premier pest management provider for strata corporations, property management companies, businesses, and homeowners. What truly sets us apart is our intense focus on environmentally responsible pest control through IPM. Our highly trained technicians take the time to thoroughly inspect from rooftop to foundation, identify conditions attracting pests, seal up entry points, and implement targeted treatments that eliminate pests where they hide and breed. We use the most advanced products and strategies to achieve control while minimizing pesticide usage. All Green Pest Control is a family-owned company born right here in Vancouver. Our experts have intimate knowledge of local pest pressures, building construction, and the climate challenges unique to our region. We are licensed under the BC IPM Act, insured for your protection, and active members of the BPMA, NPMA, and local business associations. For a free quote on professional pest control tailored to your strata building, contact the pest management pros at All Green today!

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Pest Control For Strata Properties : Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the signs of a cockroach infestation in strata buildings?

A: Signs of cockroaches include seeing live or dead roaches, molted exoskeletons, egg cases, and dark specks which are roach feces. They leave behind a musty odor and often congregate near moisture and food sources.

Q: How do bed bugs spread between strata units?

A: Bed bugs crawl through electrical conduits, plumbing pipes, ventilation ducts, and other cracks. They can also cling to clothing and belongings of residents traveling between units. Shared laundry facilities further enable spread.

Q: Why is pest control important for strata buildings?

A: Pests negatively impact property values. They can spread rapidly in multi-unit buildings, making coordinated treatment essential. Pest issues left unchecked open up legal liability for councils and managers.

Q: How often should pest control services be performed?

A: A comprehensive program entails thorough inspections and monitoring every 3 months. More frequent spot treatments may be required to address current infestations. Perimeter treatments for occasional invaders are typically done monthly.

Q: What role do residents play in strata pest control?

A: Residents must allow access for inspections and treatments. They should report any issues promptly and comply with recommendations to eliminate clutter, store food properly, and follow good sanitation practices.

Q: What safety precautions are taken during pesticide applications?

A: Reputable companies follow all laws and regulations governing pesticide usage. Treatments are made with precision tools and products safe for humans and pets when used as directed. Technicians give prior notice and take steps to protect residents.

Q: How can pest entry be prevented in a strata building?

A: Sealing cracks and gaps around utility lines, vents, windows, and doors using copper mesh, sealant, or other materials limits access. Installing door sweeps and weather-stripping also helps exclude pests

Q: What are signs of a rat or mouse problem?

A: Evidence of rodents includes droppings, gnaw marks, rub marks, nests, and sightings of live or dead mice and rats. They make rustling noises in walls and ceilings. A musky rodent smell may also be present.

Q: How can strata councils ensure residents comply with pest control efforts?

A: Include pest control responsibilities in bylaws, rules, and lease agreements. Issue warnings and fines to residents who refuse access or fail to cooperate. Persistent issues may warrant eviction.

Preventing and controlling pest infestations is critical for Vancouver strata corporations. Cockroaches, mice, rats, bed bugs, and other pests can negatively impact property values and resident comfort if left unchecked. By partnering with a professional pest management company to implement a comprehensive IPM program, strata councils and managers can safeguard their buildings and create a clean, pest-free living environment.

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For strata corporations in Vancouver looking for superior pest control, All Green Pest Control Services is the top choice. All Green has years of experience managing pests specifically in multi-unit residential buildings across the Lower Mainland. Our pest experts service major municipalities including Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, and New Westminster. All Green takes an environmentally responsible approach focused on IPM to eliminate pests while minimizing pesticide use. 

Their BC certified technicians are highly trained in treating the most common strata pests and understand the unique construction and climate challenges in the region. All Green offers comprehensive pest solutions for all types of pests, plus wildlife removal services. With their local expertise, green pest control methods, and stellar reputation, All Green Pest Control is the premier pest management provider for strata properties throughout Metro Vancouver.