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Wasps and their larger subset, hornets, are notorious for their nasty sting. Wasps are aggressive insects that can be very harmful to humans, especially to individuals with allergies. Allergic persons should steer clear since the painful sting can also set off an insect venom reaction that can send you straight to the hospital!

Vancouver residents, beware. Our city is a magnet for multitudes of unusual insects and is especially prone to wasp problems, as observed in the area’s fast rate of wasp infestation. If you think a wasp infestation is happening in your property, do not attempt DIY solutions only to end up getting stung. Call your local wasp control company today.

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Wasps provide positive benefits to the ecosystem as a whole, but if they are in your property, it’s advisable to get rid of them as quickly as you can. Wasps don’t usually sting unless provoked, upset, or threatened, but once they do feel like they have to protect themselves, these insects exhibit extreme aggression. So for humans, it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you find wasps on your property, don’t attempt to remove them yourself. You could end up making things worse by getting the entire colony aggressive. Bear in mind that a single wasp stinger can sting multiple times (unlike a bee’s stinger which can sting only once), and wasp venom can cause allergic reactions in people and animals. These reactions can be severe enough to cause acute irritation, hospitalization, or even death.

In addition, do-it-yourself methods aren’t always 100 percent effective, even if you take the essential precautions. Bug control experts recommend you call a professional pest control technician instead.

For wasp problems in your home or place of business, contact All Green Pest Control’s expert team of wasp control in Vancouver. Don’t attempt DIY methods as these can put you in danger, especially if you are attempting wasp nest removal. Leave it to All Green Pest Control services. We are wasp control Vancouver professionals who have been helping neighborhoods get rid of wasps since 2014.

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“How do I get rid of wasps” is a question frequently asked around spring and summer time when wasps are plentiful. Summer and spring is when the queen wasp begins the creation of the colony. Nests are smaller at this time and relatively easier to deal with. They’re commonly found in isolated or remote areas, sometimes making them difficult to find.

There are many different species of wasps, but it is usually the following species that cause trouble in residential and commercial areas:

  • Paper wasps
  • Polistes wasps
  • Hornets
  • Yellowjackets
  • Mud daubers
  • Bald-faced.

Could you be dealing with wasp infestation? These are some signs that you have wasps thriving on your property:

  • Seeing a wasp flying around your property. This usually indicates a new wasp colony nearby.
  • Hearing constant buzzing around the house. If you notice constant buzzing sounds around your home, inside the walls of the building, underneath tables, or on porches, coupled with seeing wasps several times, you may have a wasp issue.
  • Spotting a wasp nest. This is a definitive sign of wasp infestation as these insects live in colonies. If you don’t see a nest but want to find out if there is one near or in your home, search at night when wasp activity is at its lowest.
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Once you have ascertained that there is a nest, call our Vancouver pest control company for wasps’ and hornets’ nest removal immediately. You can also call us right away at the first sign of wasp presence. Detecting wasps on your property is faster and easier when done by a wasp extermination specialist. All Green Pest Control experts conduct wasp or hornet nest inspection, detection, and successful wasp elimination. Our wasp nest removal Vancouver services save you time and effort while protecting you from the risk of getting stung.

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Here’s how you can keep your property wasp-free:

  • Keep your gutters clean. Dirty gutters are breeding spots not only for wasps but for many other pests. These insects are attracted to damp, dirty places, and gutters fit the bill. Maintain the cleanliness not just of your gutters but of your overall surroundings.
  • Seal all entry points. Help keep wasps away and deter them from entering your home by keeping doors and windows shut. Make sure that screens are installed properly. Seal up holes and cracks, and repair any damaged window sills, vents, or torn screens to prevent wasps from invading your home.
  • Regular home or building structure check. In many buildings, gaps occur at the edges of siding or at cable holes. Ensure that all cracks and gaps around the structure are discovered, shut, and sealed tight to avoid unwanted pests.
  • Seal and dispose of garbage properly. Secure lids on your garbage cans and waste bins to prevent a wasp invasion. Keep garbage away from frequently trafficked areas such as porches, decks, and front doors. A garbage pile-up is a direct invitation for pests, and you don’t want that anywhere near entry points to your home. Besides attracting wasps, improper disposal of waste will also draw other unwanted insects such as flies, bees, or ants.
  • Check for existing or empty nests. If you’ve previously tried a DIY wasp solution but the insects keep coming back, there may be a nest that you need to get rid of. Our experienced technicians at All Green Pest Control can help you detect and eliminate the wasp colony on your property.

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What to expect when you schedule a wasp control and extermination service

Step 1: Inspection

A thorough inspection by our technicians is the first stage in our treatment of your wasp issues. Our licensed personnel will locate the wasp nesting point, determine its size, and identify the proper techniques to handle the specific nest.


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Step 2: Plan & Treat

Once an infestation has been identified, our staff will create a tailor-made strategy specific to your pest problem to eliminate wasps with optimal results. We use only the highest-quality natural biopesticide that is proven efficient and safe for you and your family.


Step 3: Maintenance

Maintaining a wasp-free property is a crucial last step to complete the wasp treatment. All Green Pest Control can help you start fresh by completely eradicating the wasp source (the nest). But in the off-chance that you find these bugs again, we’ll return for another round of treatment until they’re gone!

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Call All Green Pest Control for reliable wasp removal in Vancouver. We are experts in pest elimination services in the North and Metro Vancouver area. The technicians at All Green Pest Control are qualified wasp exterminators who have years of experience in the pest control industry. We are ready to help with your wasp or hornet problem in North Vancouver or surrounding areas such as Richmond, Burnaby, and Coquitlam. Get rid of wasps before a serious wasp attack can occur!

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