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Identifying & Controlling Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the pests with which homeowners are most concerned. These small, flat parasites take residence in the cracks and crevices of fabrics, furniture, stored clothing, and (as the name implies) bedding. Adult bed bugs are 4-5mm long, and despite the common misconception, are visible to the naked eye, especially when found in large groups. All Green Pest Control is the leading bed bug exterminator in Vancouver.

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Bed Bugs

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

When you hear “Bed Bugs,” like most people, you probably think about hotels and travel lodging. While this is a common place that bed bugs can get picked up, it’s not the only answer.

Bed bugs can be found on

• Public Furniture
• Airplanes
• Movie Theater Seats
• Restaurant Booths
• Clothing in Stores

Do not make the common mistake of ignoring a potential bed bug problem just because you haven’t traveled.

Bed Bug Prevention

Bed Bug Prevention

While having a bed bug problem may be a scary prospect, preventing major bed bug issues starts with being cautious and aware.


Regularly Check Mattress & Sheets

Inspect Second Hand Items

Bag & Wash Clothes After Traveling

Examine & Monitor Pets


Ignore Signs of Infestations

Rely on Home Remedies

Leave Clothing on the Floor While Traveling

Delay Treatment

Book with the Bed Bug Professionals

Bed Bug Treatment

What to expect when you schedule a bed bug treatment.

Step 1: Inspection

When you’ve got a bed bug infestation, the first step on the path to effective treatment is a thorough inspection. Our certified professionals will confirm and locate all bedbug infestation points.


Step 2: Plan & Treat

Once an infestation is confirmed, our team will provide you with a treatment plan to ensure the best results. We use a natural biopesticide, which is very effective and most importantly, safe for you and your family.

Step 3: Maintain

The most critical part of bed bug treatment is the maintenance of a bug-free home. All Green Pest Control is your Vancouver Pest Control expert, and will help restore your peace of mind.


In Addition to Bed Bug Maintenance…

We provide inspections, exterminations, and seasonal pest management services for insects, spiders, wasps, rodents, and more.