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Hearing scratches in your walls or ceiling? Finding droppings in closet corners, cupboards, and pantries? You may have a rat or mouse problem in your home. These creatures may be small, but the risks they pose are huge. Because of the structural damage they cause, and the pests and disease they bring in with them, rodents in the home should not be ignored.

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What to know about rat pest control

Rat control entails specific strategies for rodent management and rat removal. Our strategies at All Green Pest Control are designed to decrease rat populations towards complete rat removal from your premises. This helps stop the damage to your property and minimize health hazards brought by rat infestation.


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Why is rat pest control service necessary?

Rat control is necessary as rats multiply fast and the damage they cause increases exponentially with their quick-growing population. The moment you see a rat in your property, you can easily have a full-blown infestation in days.


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The dangers rats pose require immediate attention. DIY methods usually involve guesswork – you don’t know if your time and effort will pay off. Giving the task to expert exterminators who have been doing rat removal for years will give you peace of mind.

Rats are wily and adaptable pests, so exterminating them calls for a specialized pest control company. If you want the problem taken care of thoroughly and not just have rodent activities stop or slow down for a while, call a professional crew with the knowledge, abilities, and tools.


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Risks Posed by Rat and Mouse Infestation

Having rodents in your home is more than just annoying. Mouse and rat presence in your building poses serious health and safety risks to you, your family, and your hard-earned property.

Animal-Transmitted Illness

Rodents like rats and mice are famous for spreading the Bubonic Plague, but today carry with them a slew of other diseases that pose a risk to human health. Bacterial diseases like Rat Bite Fever and Leptospirosis, and viral diseases like Human Hantavirus are among the top concerns to homeowners with rodent problems.

Structural Damage

Nothing is safe. These creatures will nibble on everything, from food to household objects, as well as building parts such as wires or insulation. It is a rodent habit to constantly chew so that their incisors won’t grow too long. This is why rats will chew through construction materials like wooden beams and mortar even if these aren’t exactly food sources. Rats also do this to get into your home and will typically nest in the debris.

Fire Hazards

Electric lines that happen to be in the path of rodent activity will also be prone to getting chewed on or through. This poses a huge risk because open electrical cables could result in short-circuit fires. Even a small spark from a frayed electric wire has the potential to create a huge house fire if it lands on construction debris or flammable material. The possibility of a fire makes it crucial to pay close attention to the signs of rodent infestation. As soon as you notice rat presence in your home, contact a rodent control company.

Insulation Damage

Insulation, walls, crawl spaces, and attics are rats’ favorite places to make their nests in. Besides nesting there, these rodents can extensively damage insulation with their chewing, tearing, gnawing, and other activity. Insulation destruction can lead to huge costs. The majority of homeowners who have rats breeding in their attics end up paying greater heating and cooling costs because of energy efficiency difficulties. Not only that, fires are also a risk when you see insulation damage, as it usually occurs alongside exposed live wires and torn cable insulation.

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What to expect when you schedule a rodent removal.

Step 1:

Rodent Control Service Inspection

Every service starts with a thorough inspection of rodent infestation. Our animal removal professionals will confirm rodent presence, locate rodent nests throughout your home, and establish a plan for mouse control and removal.


Step 2:

Rat Removal and Trapping

Rats and mice are not easily deterred. They must be physically removed from your home to ensure a complete solution. Snap traps, bait traps, control traps, and adhesive traps may be employed.

Step 3:

Professional Rat Control Exclusion

Rats and mice are ambitious and determined – once they’re out, they’ll try to get back in. Our rodent removal and control experts will locate and seal any potential entry points, ensuring a rodent-free home after removal.

Prevention & Rodent Control in Vancouver

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Despite their persistence, there are steps you can take to prevent rats and mice from entering your home. If you don’t currently have a rodent problem, maintaining cleanliness and being observant of your home’s exterior structure can help keep rodents out.


Maintain Home Foundation

Use Sealed Trash Cans

Install Plumbing Rodent Valves

Call All Green for an Inspection


Leave Food & Trash Out

Allow Landscaping to Climb Structures

Allow Rooms to Become Cluttered

Just Rely on Store-Bought Traps

Humane Rat Exterminator Services You Can Trust

Balancing human health and pest control is important to us. All Green Pest Control focuses on humane ways to get rid of rats and other rodents to ensure rat extermination methods are safe for humans and other wildlife that could be affected as well. 

As Vancouver-based rat exterminator professionals, we are aware of the risks posed by certain rodenticides to animals that rely on rodents as a food source. We’re also cautious of accidental consumption of rats by pets. Children and dogs shouldn’t be able to access the locations where the traps are set, and extreme care should be given when handling and disposing of rat carcasses.

If not applied correctly, certain rat control methods can be dangerous to both people and animals. All Green Pest Control technicians ensure this never happens with our removal service.

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Eco-friendly Rat & Rodent Extermination Vancouver BC

As experienced rat exterminators in Vancouver, All Green Pest Control uses proven rat elimination and control methods that have minimal risk to people, pets, and wildlife. Effectively get rid of your problem with our qualified rat extermination techniques.

For nearly a decade now, we have helped numerous households and businesses in Burnaby, Richmond, and Coquitlam, as well as other Metro Vancouver areas. Our rodent and other pest management services have produced outstanding results. Call us today or schedule a free quote on rodent extermination.

You can learn more about rats and mice by visiting our Mouse Breakdown in our Pest Library.

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