Humane Bird Control in Vancouver

Birds are essential to humans and the ecosystem as a whole, and they contribute many positives such as the consumption of insects that we consider pests. On the other hand, bird activity can itself be pest-like, a nuisance, and even harmful, when their population on your property gets out of control. 

Messy, unsightly, and dirty surroundings are just some of the drawbacks of birds running rampant. At their worst, they can cause damage to your house or building’s structure and bring disease into your home that can gravely affect human and pet health.

Birds that you ordinarily wouldn’t have a problem with can cause issues and make themselves undesirable by harming buildings and spreading disease. Herein lies the role of bird control.

If you experience the problems mentioned above, it’s time to call in our team of bird control experts. Call All Green Pest Control today. We’ll take care of your bird issues for you. Contact us to schedule your bird removal inspection.

Humane Bird Control in Vancouver

What types of birds are considered pests?

Several birds frequenting your property may soon make a habit of roosting there and even nest and lay eggs there, especially if they find that food is abundant and shelter is reliable in that area. 

This brings with it the problem of feces, making the space not only unattractive but a hazard to building exteriors as well as one’s health.

Generally, bird droppings are corrosive to building materials and contain harmful ectoparasites, which are easily transmittable to people. 

Bird nests as well as feathers are yet another issue. Not only does it contribute to the messiness of the places birds inhabit, but it can also cause respiratory problems in humans as well. 

Specific bird species also bring with them specific problems. The most common invasive bird species in Vancouver are:

Pigeons are urban birds that scavenge human food, roost, and nest near feeding locations such as parks, schools, city structures, bridges, houses, and numerous other facilities occupied by humans. 

Often called “Rats of the Sky,” these birds bring plenty of diseases with them, just like rats do. Pigeon droppings can substantially harm roofs and cause significant erosion, as well as cause serious diseases to humans such as salmonella, meningitis, and histoplasmosis.

When unattended, pigeons may nest in air vents, wreaking havoc to the building’s air flow system and making it vulnerable to fires.

Droppings, nest materials, feathers, and other debris buildup from pigeon presence can result in blocked gutters and drains as well as building equipment, particularly rooftop air conditioners.


Adult starlings are large, robin-sized birds with yellow bills, glossy purple-green plumage, and white markings. In the winter, their back feathers are significantly darker and have light brown edges, while the bill also becomes bluish-black. Their diet consists of fruits and seeds, and thus they are frequently seen in the garden or yard.

Starlings become a problem once their nests start clogging gutters and posing a fire risk. The bacteria, parasites, and fungi in their droppings are also a huge problem since they are health threats to humans and pets.


Famously big birds with white feathers and gray wings, seagulls are often found on rooftop patios near the water. These creatures will eat just about anything. When seagulls are nesting, they can become extremely hostile toward humans, sometimes even violently dive-bombing people passing by. These birds also produce a lot of droppings.


Metro Vancouver has a diverse, insect-rich environment that attracts woodpeckers. These avians’ diet consists of mosquito larvae, cluster flies, beetles, moths, ants, and other larvae. Berries and seeds are also among their favorites, making them a pain for garden owners and homeowners with fruit shrubs and fruit trees in their yards. 

Woodpeckers can be an annoyingly expensive problem for many households. These birds are incessant with their noisy pounding and pecking, which leave noticeable holes in houses. These holes can be entry points for insects, not to mention a way for moisture to get in, which brings about even more issues for property owners.

The British Columbia area has several different kinds of woodpeckers:

The smallest of the common woodpeckers, the downy, can be identified by its white belly and black-and-white checkered back. 

The most prevalent bird in British Columbia is the northern flicker. With a black bib and spotted belly, these birds are mid-sized woodpeckers, around the size of an American robin. They are about 11 to 12 inches long.

The pileated woodpecker is the largest woodpecker in Canada. These birds are on the larger end of the species and are identifiable for their striking red crests.

Since the majority of these birds are protected species in BC, removal and control must be handled by a specialist.

Why is bird pest control service necessary?

Many individuals would advise you to avoid problem birds, especially pigeons, out of concern that you might catch a disease – and they would be right. Birds’ presence in your property can frequently lead to a number of maintenance and safety issues:

Property damage from birds

Property damage from pest-like birds are estimated to cost Vancouver residents millions each year.

Bird nests and feathers can clog gutters and create a fire risk. They can also cause obstructions in air vents that can become fire hazards, as well as create – if not worsen – any problems you might have with your roof or foundation.

In addition, when birds build nests in your gutters, these water channels can become plugged with feces, nesting materials, and feathers, making it impossible for water to drain properly. This can also result in damage to your roof and other portions of your property.

To create their home, birds may enlarge existing cracks and fissures, or, like the woodpecker, create holes to nest in. Part of this problem is that birds get access to the attic when they establish nests in roof eaves. They can then enter your walls and cause extensive property damage that calls for repairs. Other pests and animals may follow suit and enter your structure, which is an even bigger issue.

Besides nests and feathers, bird droppings can also be so corrosive that they will eat away at anything they fall on, like building materials, concrete, and even cars.

Yard and garden damage is another issue. Most bird species eat fruits, which is a problem if you’re hoping to harvest from your fruit trees or shrubs. But even without fruits in your yard, birds may still rummage and scratch about your landscaping if they know that tasty bugs live there.

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Health and safety issues from birds

Birds are filthy creatures, especially species that scavenge trash bins, food off the street, or any other dirty places where they can find food. When such animals frequent your property, your health – as well as that of your family and pets – is at risk.

Wild avians carry ticks and fleas, which are disease carriers. But birds themselves may also be vectors of disease. A variety of illnesses, including salmonella infection and toxoplasmosis, can be transferred to humans from birds. In addition, birds often leave trash and feathers behind, which can irritate the skin of those with sensitive complexions.

Our bird control services can assist in defending you and your loved ones against the health concerns brought by bird infestations.

Nuisance issues from birds

Reducing noise pollution in people’s homes or places of business is one of the main reasons for using a bird removal service. Birds, particularly sparrows, seagulls, and woodpeckers, can be incredibly noisy and bothersome. This isn’t just a subjective nuisance. Bird noise and behaviors can disrupt human activities like studying, working, and cleaning. When this happens quite frequently, it is time to remove the cause of the problem.

Can I remove birds by myself?

Removing birds is extremely difficult if you are untrained and unequipped. There are health hazards associated with birds that you should avoid exposing yourself and your family to. It is better to leave it to pest control experts, who are qualified to get rid of birds in a humane and effective manner.

If you are the owner of a commercial or residential property, you can ensure the security of your staff, tenants, or visitors when you get professional bird control services.

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All Green Pest Control’s bird removal technicians will efficiently work to prevent or curtail property damage, if invasive birds have already done damage to your automobiles, buildings, and other infrastructure.

To make sure that birds don’t come back and will never congregate in your property again, we install the appropriate devices and exclusion materials that ward them off.

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What to expect when you schedule bird removal

Step 1: Bird Control Service Inspection

We conduct an inspection of the property to spot nuisance birds and choose the best management techniques.


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Step 2: Bird Removal and Trapping

We will put Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tactics into practice. While our proven techniques are at work, we also provide you with helpful advice to exclude, clean up, or lessen pest bird attraction, roosting, and breeding in the future.


Step 3: Professional Bird Control Exclusion

Our bird removal and control experts will locate and seal any potential entry points, ensuring a bird-free property after removal.

Bird Invasion Prevention

The key to maintaining a bird-free home or facility is to make the property unattractive to birds. These wandering animals are always seeking out locations to nest and food to eat, but you have several options for keeping them away from your property:

  • Dispose of trash properly –  Birds can search through garbage for food if the rubbish bin is not sealed, so always make sure your trash is secured in a way that animals can’t get through. 
  • Limit food access – Make sure your food is not left unattended, and if it is meant for the trash, dispose of it properly. Secure any pet food on porches or in the yard as well; do not leave it out in the open, as it can attract birds.
  • Repair holes – Any gaps, holes, cracks, or open vents in buildings look like shelter to birds, and they will make homes out of them if you’re not careful. Make sure to fix these quickly. 
  • Bar any nesting or roosting – Electronic or spiked bird deterrents, netting, and other exclusion methods prevent birds from hanging around your property and getting the opportunity to build nests.

Bird exclusion devices are a great way to prevent avians from invading your property without putting you or others in danger of health problems. Our bird removal professionals at All Green Pest Control can help you plan how to eliminate your bird problems, strategizing ways to ward off or remove birds and discourage their return on your property.

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Always remember that the best course of action when dealing with invasive birds is to call for expert bird control assistance. Our technicians have the necessary tools for working at heights and scaling buildings to complete the task effectively and securely.

For owners of commercial or residential properties, we provide a variety of bird control services. We are eager to help because we understand that you should be able to enjoy your property without worrying about the numerous issues and potential harm that birds can cause.

Our expertise extends beyond bird prevention and removal. We also conduct comprehensive clean-ups of the impacted region.

You can learn more about bird problems by visiting our Bird Breakdown in our Pest Library.

Vancouver Bird Deterrent Installation Services

Getting rid of a bird infestation can be exceedingly difficult, but there are several ways to remove and control birds in a humane and effective manner:

Bird trap

Bird population can be effectively controlled in a certain area using trapping techniques and devices. Place traps on rooftops, in public roosting places, and in feeding areas where bird activity is high and frequent. This can be a time-consuming and tricky technique, but All Green Pest Control can install highly effective traps for you.

Bird spikes and net

Birds often sit on external ledges, HVAC systems, and rooftops, but bird posts and bird spikes can prevent them from roosting there. These are efficient, long-lasting ways to permanently keep birds away from a structure’s exterior.

Bird spikes can be affixed to practically any surface in almost any area of a structure. They are usually placed on ledges, signages, and rooftops, using a variety of procedures. 

Prevention bird netting, on the other hand, blocks access to open areas to prevent birds from getting in.

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Bird slopes

All sorts of birds can be deterred from perching and roosting by using bird slopes. The animals will be unable to grasp anything, causing them to fall down the ledge immediately.

Bird wire, bird jolt, and electric track for birds

For a solution that won’t affect the appearance of your building while still successfully preventing future bird problems, bird wire or bird shock track is ideal. These devices protect your roof or ledges with minimal visual appearance.

A bird wire is a near-imperceptible network of thin steel wires held together by springs. It creates a bouncy, unstable landing area that birds don’t like. Meanwhile, a bird jolt or electric track delivers a mild shock when in contact with birds. The electrical jolt is harmless to the small animals, but is just enough to deter them from the area.

Note that the use of poison and glue to harm, kill, or capture wildlife is prohibited.

All Green Pest Control offers local homeowners humane, secure, and reliable bird control solutions. You can be sure that you’re in good hands because our team of experts has extensive training and experience handling all kinds of bird issues. In order to protect the birds’ welfare as well as the protection of your property, we employ compassionate methods.

Bird Visual Deterrents

Using visual deterrents like “Scary Eyes” bird deterrents can be an effective way to discourage woodpeckers and other birds from damaging buildings and structures. These deterrents work by mimicking the eyes of predators, creating an environment where woodpeckers feel threatened and unsafe.

Eco-friendly Bird Control and Wildlife Removal in Vancouver BC

As experienced bird removal service experts in Vancouver, All Green Pest Control will employ proven bird removal and control methods. We’ll also install necessary bird deterrent devices on your property that pose minimal risk to people, pets, and wildlife. Humanely and effectively get rid of your problem with our qualified bird extermination techniques.

For nearly a decade now, we have helped numerous households and businesses in Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, and other Metro Vancouver areas. Our bird control projects have produced outstanding results and happy clients. Call us today or schedule for a free quote on bird removal.

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