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Taking residence in cities and suburbs, raccoons can cause a mess in attics, chimneys, soffits, and walls. These small mammals generally weight 10-30 pounds and can squeeze their way into the tightest of spaces. Dedicated scavengers, raccoons will take residence in insulated attics to keep warm, but can often be found stuck in chimneys, hiding under cars, and scratching inside walls.

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Risks Posed by Raccoon Presence

Once inside a structure, raccoons pose several notable risks worth keeping an eye on. If you’ve got a raccoon problem, don’t wait: call All Green to get them out today!

insulation damage from raccoons in attic

Insulation Damage

Raccoons, like other mammals, are constantly in search of a safe place from which they can scavenge and protect their young. The insulation in walls and attics provides a perfect, warm, cozy home for raccoons and their offspring. Their presence can destroy your insulation, causing thousands in damage and reducing your energy efficiency.

Electrical Damage

Electrical Damage

Raccoons love to chew, gnaw, and bite. Because they’ve got flexible, strong paws, they can also yank and pull at electrical wiring that may be in their way. Once exposed, damaged electrical wiring poses fire risks. This damaged wiring can also affect outlet grounds and the electricity supplied to parts of your home.

Raccoon Removal

Health Risks

Raccoons can pose serious health risks to those exposed to their presence. Raccoon-carried rabies is a primary concern, as well as the neurotoxic parasitic Roundworm. Roundworm can be found in accumulated raccoon feces. Roundworm eggs are resilient and easily transported. A roundworm infection can cause nausea, vertigo, blindness, and death.

Our Raccoon Removal Process

What to expect from a Vancouver raccoon removal service.

Step 1: Inspection

Removing raccoons from your home begins with a thorough inspection. Our team will identify entry points, inspect soffits and roofing systems, chimneys, vents and other entries, and assess any damages to insulation and structures.


Step 2: Trap & Remove

Getting raccoons out comes with its own distinct challenges. Our team will ensure that both parent and baby raccoons are removed from your home or business, and opportunities for reentry are eliminated.


Step 3: Repair & Protect

If you’ve had raccoons in your structure, there will undoubtebly be some repairs that need made. Our team will assess the damages caused by raccoons, reccommend a repair and sanitation plan, and ensure your home stays raccoon-free.

Raccoon Prevention

Follow these tips to keep raccoons out of your home.

Seal Trash Cans

As previously mentioned, raccoons are talented scavengers. Overflowing trash cans, improperly sealed bags, and exposed waste and scraps are targets for raccoons who will easily climb into your trash cans.


raccoon in trash can
raccoon holding food

Eliminate Food Sources

To the same end as sealing your trash cans, ensuring you don’t feed raccoons (either unintentionally or otherwise!) is critical in keeping the tricky mammals away. If raccoons get a sense that they can effectively scavenge in an area, they’ll do everything they can to take residence.

Manage Entry Points

Soffits, loose siding, gaps in roofing vents, and unsealed chimneys all provide easy access to your home for raccoons. Ensuring your structure is free from entry points will go a long way in mitigating potential raccoon-induced damage.

raccoon in rafter
Raccoon Stuck in Trap

Call the Professionals at All Green Pest Control

Whether we’re your first effort or your last, our dedicated team will remove raccoons from your home or business, restoring the peace of mind you deserve.

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