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As the weather changes with the seasons, you’re likely to run into unwelcome house guests: spiders.

Once summer temperatures cool, and as winter breaks to spring, spiders seek shelter from the changing elements. Wolf spiders, house spiders, weavers, and widows are among the types of spiders that can join your household. Spiders are generally non-social creatures, but that doesn’t mean they don’t bring risks with them. All Green Pest Control specializes in deterring and exterminating spiders so your family can rest easy at night.

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Types of Spiders in Vancouver

If you’ve seen a spider in your Vancouver home or business, you might be wondering what kind of spider you’re facing, and what kind of risks it poses to those who come in contact with it.

Here are a few of the most common spiders in BC:

Hobo Spider

Hobo spiders are the most common house spider in Western North America. While not venomous, the hobo will become extremely defensive if an egg sac is threatened.


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Cellar Spider

The cellar spider, also known as the daddy long-legs, is instantly recognizable by its long, thin legs. These spiders are not dangerous but will leave webs around your home.


Black Widow

Black widows are incredibly well-known, both for their distinctive red hourglass marking and their venomous bite. Bites from black widows can lead to hospitalization or death.


Orb Weaver

Orb weavers usually reside in wooded areas and salt marshes, but can also be found weaving webs near porch lights and lamp posts. Orb weavers are harmless and play a large role in insect control.

Identifying a Spider Infestation

Spider infestations are relatively easy to spot. Woven webs, egg sacs, and even the spiders themselves make it simple to spot spider presence.

Spider Webs

This is one of the most easily recognizable indicators of spider presence. Spider webs come in many shapes and sizes, but most are patterned, loosely-woven silk structures. Some spiders also weave funnel-shaped or orb-shaped webs.

Spider webs are used to trap passing prey, but they also serve to protect egg sacs. Disturbing spider webs is the fastest way to alert a spider that something is wrong, as spiders often use the vibration of the web to inform their protective decisions.


Egg Sacs

Spider egg sacs are small, round sacs that contain eggs (both hatched and unhatched). These sacs can be white, yellow, or brown in color and can contain hundreds of baby spiders.

Spiders are extremely protective over egg sacs and will act defensively if webs or sacs are disturbed.

Spider Prevention Technician Tips

  • Maintain a Clean and Clutter-Free Environment
    Regularly vacuum and dust your living spaces, including corners, ceilings, and behind furniture. Pay extra attention to areas where spiders are commonly found, like basements and attics.
  • Natural Spider Repellents
    Peppermint oil, vinegar, and citrus oils are known to deter spiders. Mix these with water and spray around entry points and spider-prone areas.
  • Spider Traps
    Purchase spider traps or create your own by placing sticky tape or glue boards in areas where spiders are active. This method not only captures spiders but also helps you monitor their presence.
  • Declutter Your Yard
    Trim overgrown vegetation, remove piles of debris, and keep firewood away from the house. By eliminating outdoor hiding spots, you reduce the chances of spiders making their way indoors.
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How To Get Rid Of Spiders From Your Home

.Dealing with a pesky spider problem in the Vancouver area? Spiders, especially the Western black widow and other species, can make their way into your home, causing concern for safety and comfort. But fear not, because our expert spider control team is here to help you get rid of spiders and ensure a spider-free living space.

When you call us today at (604) 990-0100 you can expect the best spider exterminators in Vancouver to provide effective pest control solutions. We provide spider removal services to not only to Vancouver but also Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, New Westminster, North Vancouver and the rest of the lower mainland as well.

Our eco-friendly spider removal services are designed to take care of your spider problem while minimizing harm to the environment. We offer outdoor spider treatments and pest removal tips to keep spiders away from your structure, preventing future spider infestations. 

Raccoon Removal Services in Vancouver and Burnaby

All Green Pest Control technicians are well-trained to identify and handle different species of spiders, including the orb-weaver spider. 

Don’t let spider bites or the presence of these arachnids in basements and other areas of your home trouble you any longer. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us help you with expert spider removal in Vancouver.

Trust us to be your go-to spider control specialists, and we’ll ensure that your home is spider-free and comfortable once more. Give us a call now, and say goodbye to your spider woes!

Our Vancouver Spider Control Services Process

What to expect from a spider control service

Step 1: Inspection

Every service starts with a thorough inspection. Our pest control experts will identify and locate spiders, along with their nests, entry points, and any habitable areas.


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Step 2: Treat & Exterminate

Spiders can pose risks to you and your family, so habitat modification, extermination, and spider population control are critical.


Step 3: Treatment

Spiders move with the seasons. As temperatures change, spiders will always try to find a way into your home. Seasonal treatment serves as a deterrent and keeps your home spider-free all year round.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spiders at Home

Q: Can spiders be harmful?

A: Even though most spiders are benign, certain species like the black widow spider can pose a threat with their venomous bites! It’s important to seek professional spider control if you suspect a spider infestation in your home.

Q: What quick measures can I take to prevent spiders from entering my home?

A: To prevent spiders from entering your home, seal any cracks or openings in windows and door frames, keep your home clean and clutter-free, and remove any spider webs or egg sacs you come across.

Q: How long does a spider infestation treatment take?

A: The length of a spider treatment depends on how bad the infestation is and the size of the area being treated. Our technicians will assess your situation and provide an estimate of the treatment time during the initial inspection.

Q: Are your spider control methods eco-friendly?

A: Yes, we prioritize eco-friendly pest control solutions. Our spider control experts use methods that are safe for the environment and do not harm other wildlife.

Q: How can I contact All Green Pest Control Vancouver Spider Exterminator?

A: You can reach us by calling our toll-free number at (604) 990-0100 or by visiting our website and filling out the contact form.

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