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Nobody wants silverfish tormenting them inside their house. Even the thought of a silverfish invasion makes your skin tingle. These tiny critters often chew through paper, especially varnished paper, wallpaper, books, textiles, and rugs. Though they themselves are not harmful to humans, they can contaminate food sources and surfaces with their excrement and urine. 

If you see their droppings, which resemble tiny black pepper-like pellets, around your house, you may have a silverfish infestation. They are active at night but usually remain concealed in damp, dark areas until emerging to search for food. If not controlled, silverfish can quickly grow into an infestation once they begin to breed.


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What are Silverfish?

Silverfish are nocturnal, wingless insects, not fish. They have tiny teardrop-shaped bodies – just ⅛ of an inch in diameter and roughly ½ of an inch long – and are scale-covered from head to tail. At the rear of a silverfish’s body are three long appendages that resemble bristles. While their eyes are compound, tiny, and widely spaced, their antennae are long and threadlike.

Because paper is their favourite food, silverfish are sometimes called bookworms. But make no mistake – these pests don’t limit themselves to your bookshelf. They will eat starchy things like grains, cereal, pet food, fabrics, and even paper glue!

Egg, nymph, and adult are the three life phases of these bugs. Female silverfish lay eggs in wall crevices close to moisture sources, such as sinks and showers.

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Silverfish Infestation in the Home

With their minuscule size, silverfish are opportunistic bugs that can occupy any open place. They can reproduce in a variety of locations such as storage boxes, attics, wall fissures, shingles, and floor gaps.

Increased indoor humidity and excess moisture are related to the presence of silverfish. When a house is kept at room temperature and has a high humidity level, silverfish thrive.

If there are many silverfish in your home, you should seek professional help for effective silverfish eradication.

The Damage Silverfish Cause in Homes

Despite not eating wood like termites or carpenter ants do, silverfish can still mess up your house. They enjoy eating the starch in wallpaper and insulation. They could eventually cause enough damage that you might want to consider remodelling one or two rooms! Before these pests can further ruin your home and health, get urgent help by calling a professional silverfish removal service.

Food Contamination by Silverfish 

Many items in your kitchen may be enticing to silverfish, and because they like to chew on paper, they can readily get inside food packaging. Some of their preferred foods are rolled oats, sugar, and flour. To prevent them from getting into your dinner, store cardboard and paper wrapped goods in sealed plastic containers.

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Silverfish Damage to Property and Belongings

Silverfish can eat various items in your home:

  • Paper and similar material are highly at risk, including books, magazines, and documents. These items are especially susceptible if they’re stored in damp, dark rooms.
  • Collectibles like baseball cards should be kept in a protective binder to prevent damage.
  • Vintage clothes – the likes of tapestries or a cherished wedding dress passed down through generations – are especially attractive to silverfish. These critters like to munch on natural fabrics like silk, linen, and cotton, as well as the glues in synthetic fibres and starches in clothing. Keep your textiles safe by placing them in a garment bag.
  • Silverfish might even nibble on toothpaste in the bathroom, so keep all your toiletry caps and lids secure!

Silverfish Removal

To get rid of silverfish in your property, give your neighbourhood silverfish exterminator a call. If you’re in the Vancouver area, get in touch with us at All Green Pest Control and we’ll arrange an inspection appointment.

Silverfish removal from a home requires preparation and inspection. We may need to empty lower cabinets in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as the flooring of closets and storage spaces. 

It will also be necessary to perform residual treatment in cracks and crevices where silverfish hatch their eggs. For good measure, it’s best to provide a general treatment to the borders of closets and other spaces where linens are stored.

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We may also need to check basements and attics. These high-moisture environments are prime residence for silverfish. If they are thriving there, it will be necessary to use residual liquid pesticides or dusts, and to conduct further monitoring and treatments later on. 

Food supplies, especially pet food, should be kept sealed at all times. Make sure that all pantry doors are securely locked because sweet and fatty foods attract silverfish. Immediately throw away any flour or cereal packages that have silverfish in them.

It’s also useful to look for potential entry points for silverfish within your home, such as cracks under sinks and leaks in closets.

Control Silverfish with Treatment & Prevention in Vancouver

Silverfish is found almost anywhere in the world, and Vancouver is no exception. These insects frequently live between wall dividers, in insulation materials, in books and papers, among bookshelves, and in other protected locations. Because these bugs literally slip through cracks, normal home cleaning is unfortunately ineffective in silverfish elimination. 

To help reduce silverfish numbers, get rid of any outdated stacks of documents, books, fabrics, periodicals, newspapers, and magazines. Clean up any spilt or long-stored food items. Use fans and a dehumidifier to help prevent silverfish proliferation, as these appliances reduce the relative humidity in the house. 

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When it comes to silverfish control, it’s necessary to inspect laundry rooms and fix any leaking plumbing as these creatures prefer damp spaces. If a dark area is illuminated, silverfish may be compelled to travel to other locations. Following the removal of the infestation, regular home sanitation will help prevent them from coming back.

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What to expect when you schedule a silverfish extermination

Step 1: Inspection

An extensive inspection is the first stage in an efficient treatment of a silverfish infestation. Our licensed personnel will locate and confirm all silverfish breeding points.


Step 2: Plan & Treat

Once we identify an infestation, our staff will offer you a treatment strategy to guarantee the finest outcomes. We utilize a natural biopesticide that is both highly efficient and health-friendly for you and your family.


Step 3: Maintain

The upkeep of a pest-free house is a significant aspect of silverfish treatment. Your Vancouver pest control professionals from All Green Pest Control can help you regain your peace of mind with our thorough silverfish eradication. In the rare chance that these persistent bugs come back, we’ll re-apply treatment to drive them away!

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