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Seasonal pest protection

Vancouver, British Columbia is vulnerable to a variety of pest control issues like those caused by rats, mice, ants, and cockroaches, due to the city’s temperate climate, and because it is situated close to natural environments. If not effectively controlled, these pests can swiftly multiply and harm people’s health as well as property. Pests frequently come back or develop pesticide resistance over time, so unfortunately, DIY solutions may not completely solve the issue.

Persistent pests in Vancouver means it’s important to work with a reputable pest control business. Vancouver-based All Green Pest Control can precisely determine the kind of pest infestation you have and put together a custom extermination strategy for you. We also conduct routine inspections and put preventive measures in place to make sure pests stay gone for good. 

Fast, Effective Pest Control Service in Vancouver, BC 

If a pest issue is not addressed quickly, these creatures can cause serious harm to homes and businesses. Pests have a high rate of reproduction, which results in infestations that are challenging to manage, especially without assistance from experts. You’ll need to quickly and effectively deal with pest problems, and hiring a professional Vancouver, British Columbia pest control provider is crucial to achieving this. 

All Green is a pest control company that provides a range of treatment methods to handle various pest issues. Residents of Vancouver can safeguard their homes and places of business against the destructive impacts of pests by prioritizing quick and efficient pest management.

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If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll make it right. We’ll return and re-treat as many times as needed to resolve your pest activity.

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Carpenter Ant Exterminator

Pavement Ants

Driven to sugar & moisture, ants infiltrate your kitchen and living spaces. 

Vancouver Spider Exterminator


Mother nature’s predator. Where there are other bugs, spiders flourish.

Silverfish Exterminator in Vancouver and Burnaby


Silverfish nest in your attic & walls and eat pretty much everything. 

Wasp Exterminator in Vancouver and Burnaby


Wasps look like bees but can be quite aggressive in the summer months.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are nasty parasites that feed on your blood while you sleep.

Mice & Rats

They chew into anything to get access to food & a warm place to have babies.


Tree-rodents that hunt for nuts during the day and nest in attics at night.


Super smart mammals that occasionally cause trouble in and around homes.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Solutions 

Renowned for its stunning natural beauty and varied ecosystems, Vancouver has a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. This is why the city places a high priority on eco-friendly pest control methods. Harmful pesticide use can damage local flora and wildlife in addition to upsetting the delicate balance of these ecosystems.

Vancouver, British Columbia can protect the environment without sacrificing citizen safety by employing eco-friendly pest control strategies like integrated pest management. In addition, a large portion of the population in Vancouver is concerned with living a greener lifestyle.

All Green Pest Control Vancouver makes sure to meet the city’s pest control guidelines and act as ethical, environmentally concerned service providers. We utilize only eco-friendly pest control techniques that help safeguard both people’s and animals’ health.

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Pest Control Service in Vancouver Since 2014

Does your Vancouver home or business have a pest problem?

All Green Pest Control is proud to provide our community with pest extermination, seasonal pest management, rodent control, and animal removal services. Our certified professionals are prompt, courteous, and dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

It’s our mission to keep Vancouver homes and businesses free from pests, and provide peace of mind to our valued community members.

Vancouver Pest Control Experts

Pest Control Vancouver Services Offered

Below are some of our pest management services in Vancouver. You can see all our pest control services here.

Residential Pest Control 

We are licensed pest control for residential places in the Vancouver area. Our services include mice control, wildlife removal, and elimination of common pests including termites and other nuisance insects that bring damage to your property. We offer the best pest control Vancouver residents can find, using humane and eco-friendly methods. Our techniques do not harm your health, house, or belongings, all while keeping your home pest-free. Professional pest control services guarantee the use of risk-free and efficient procedures to get rid of pests and give your house long-lasting security.

Commercial Pest Control 

Businesses must keep their spaces pest-free in order to protect the wellbeing of their workers and clients. Additionally, it helps safeguard the company’s brand and avoids potential financial losses brought on by pest-related property damage. All Green Pest Control uses expert commercial or industrial pest control methods and materials to exterminate unwanted pests like termites, rats, and insects.

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Pest Control Services in Vancouver FAQ

Q: How can I contact All Green Pest Control exterminator services?

A: You can contact us today by calling us at 604.990.0100 or by using the contact form on our website.

Q: What pests can you help me with?

A: All Green local pest control services cover a wide range of common pest and wildlife issues, including bed bug control, cockroach control, wasp control and wasp nest removal, ants, rodents (rats and mice), and wildlife control such as removal of raccoons and birds. If you are experiencing any pest problem, we have the expertise and tools to deal with it.

Q: Do you provide free quotes?

A: Yes, we offer free quotes for our pest control services. Simply contact us with details about your pest problem and our team will provide you with a customized quote tailored to your specific needs.

Q: How do I know if I have a pest problem?

A: There are several signs that indicate a pest infestation. These include droppings, gnaw marks, strange odors, chewed wires or furniture, nests, and sightings of pests. If you suspect a pest problem, it is best to contact our professional pest control experts who can conduct a thorough inspection to confirm the infestation and provide appropriate treatment.

Q: What is the importance of pest management?

A: Pest management is crucial for maintaining a clean and safe environment. It helps prevent structural damage, the spread of diseases, and the contamination of food and water sources. Effective pest management also ensures the comfort and well-being of homeowners and businesses.

Q: Are your pest control methods safe?

A: All Green pest control methods are safe for both humans and pets. We use the latest techniques and products that are approved by health and safety regulations. Our professional exterminators take all necessary precautions to minimize any risks associated with the treatment process.

Q: How long does it take to get rid of pest infestations?

A: The duration of pest removal depends on various factors such as the type of pest that infests the property, the level of infestation, and the size of the property. Our professional pest control team will assess the situation and provide you with an estimated timeline for the complete eradication of the pests.

Q: Do you offer residential and commercial pest control services?

A: Absolutely. We have provided pest control services to hundreds of residential and commercial properties, including many of Greater Vancouver’s industrial properties. Whether you need pest management services for your home or business, we have the expertise and experience to handle your specific needs.

Q: Can you help with carpenter ant infestations?

A: Ant control, including carpenter ant control, is one of our main services. These ants can cause noticeable damage to wooden structures, and it is crucial to address the infestation as soon as possible. Our professional exterminators have the knowledge and skills to effectively eliminate carpenter ants and prevent further damage.

Q: Do you have good reviews?

A: All Green Pest Control takes pride in our excellent reputation as one of the best pest control companies in Vancouver. Customers have given us positive reviews on Google Reviews through the years, reflecting our commitment to delivering high-quality pest control services in Vancouver and the surrounding areas.