Bird Netting in Vancouver

Over the past decade, Vancouver has seen a major increase in bird populations across the region. From seasonal migratory birds like geese to year-round pigeon flocks, more birds means more noise, mess, and potential damage to buildings. Bird netting installation is an effective, humane solution to keep nuisance birds away from homes and commercial properties in Vancouver.

Why Bird Netting is Essential in Vancouver

Vancouver’s mild climate and abundant waterways create an ideal habitat for many bird species. As natural habitats diminish, birds adapt to urban areas for shelter and food sources. The large populations of crows, pigeons, seagulls, and starlings cause issues like:

  • Nesting on rooftops that accelerates structural wear
  • Droppings that stain and damage paint, metal, and stone
  • Noisy birds disturbing residents and customers
  • Spread of bacteria from accumulation of droppings.
Bird Netting Vancouver

Bird netting provides a long-term solution to make properties inhospitable to birds without harming them. Professional installation tailored to a building’s shape and entry points keeps birds out completely. In terms of aesthetics, the transparent netting preserves the look of the structure and does not need any remodeling to install.

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Advantages of Professional Bird Net Installation

While DIY bird netting seems simple in concept, the reality is far more complex:

  • Improper attachment methods lead to sagging nets that enable bird access.
  • Gaps in coverage let birds continue to nest and cause damage.
  • Inadequate net durability from low UV resistance or non-weather-resistant materials causes short lifespan.

Our qualified technicians at All Green Pest Control have the expertise to plan and install a bird net system just for you. We identify all possible bird entry points on a property, then customize attachment solutions to match different surfaces like stucco, metal siding, glass, and more. Our bird netting selection balances visibility, strength, and longevity through cold Vancouver winters.

Bird Netting Vancouver

Proper installation also reduces long-term maintenance issues. Our expandable netting adjusts to building changes rather than requiring full replacement. Overall, professional bird netting dramatically cuts pest activity and is more cost-effective than continual cleaning, sealing, and repairs from bird damage.

We offer bird netting ideal for the diverse installation sites in Vancouver, including:

  • Rooftops
  • Building ledges or eaves
  • Balconies
  • Courtyards
  • Gardens
  • Boat docks
  • Other exterior structures.

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Bird Net FAQ

Q: How much does professional bird net installation cost?

A: The exact price depends on factors like the installation area size, surface material, and customization needs. In general, expect $10 to $27 per linear foot, with complex projects perhaps running up to $30 per foot. When done by an expert team, effective bird netting pays for itself over time when accounting for cleaning, sealing, repairs, and other damage control. Get in touch with All Green for a precise quote tailored to your project parameters.

Q: How long does bird netting last?

A: With professional installation methods and quality net materials resistant to the elements, expect 5 to 10 years of effective bird deterrence or longer. We use durable attachment materials suitable for each surface that maintain tension and prevent sagging. Periodic inspections also preserve longevity by catching any minor wear before it expands. Proper installation and maintenance enables the bird netting to deter pest birds for years before replacement is necessary.

Q: Does bird netting look bad on buildings?

A: Modern bird netting is designed to minimize visibility. The thin transparent black or gray polypropylene strands blend into most building colors and textures. The small mesh patterns are difficult to spot from ground level. For many install sites, you need to look closely to notice the netting at all, especially compared to alternate deterrents like large spikes. This subtle appearance makes nets an ideal humane bird exclusion option.

Q: Can birds chew through netting?

A: No, birds cannot peck or claw through the net material. High-density polypropylene plastic polymer bird netting is too tough for birds to puncture or tear open gaps. Even strong birds like hawks cannot open holes, especially since the distributed strand design disperses any applied force. The durability, weather resistance, and lack of biodegradability also prevent environmental breakdown that would cause holes or weak points over time. As long as the netting remains properly installed without unsecured areas, birds cannot access the protected zones.

Q: Will bird spikes work better than nets?

A: Bird netting often outperforms spike strips for excluding pest bird species. Nets create total barriers across full surfaces to block access attempts. Spikes leave open areas between each spike’s width that small birds can land on. Nets also have less impact on building aesthetics compared to large visible spikes. The transparent, tight netting preserves views and color better. Nets do have limitations based on install zones, but often rank as the top bird exclusion choice for surfaces compatible with net attachment.

Q: Do nets work for all bird types?

A: The small mesh patterns and lack of grasping points are effective against most urban bird species. Exceptions are woodpeckers, which can cling to and potentially puncture nets, or small swift birds that might penetrate the openings. However, woodpeckers mainly affect houses rather than commercial buildings. For problematic swift birds, multiple overlaying net layers further reduce mesh size. Overall, standard bird netting deters the majority of pest bird types for structures around Vancouver.

Q: What are risks from improper installation?

A: Improper net installation carries multiple risks. Gaps in coverage or sagging sections enable continued bird entry, wasting time and money. Loose sections also are more likely to snag and tear. Using attachment methods unsuited for the mounting surface type leads to detachment from wind, bird collisions, snow weight, and other elements. This again opens gaps over time. Weak net materials also degrade and open holes faster as well. Shoddy installation provides short-term protection at best before requiring repairs or full replacement.

Q: How often does netting need maintenance?

A: With quality materials and proper initial installation, bird netting requires very minimal maintenance for years. We use durable, weather-resistant, UV-resistant netting designed to handle Vancouver’s climate. Secure attachment methods maintain tension across all seasons. Periodic inspections check for any wear at connection points or along the net edges, but issues are rare. Any minor openings or detachments spotted can be quickly patched before expanding. This prevents degradation and preserves net lifespan for 5 to 10 years or more before replacement is necessary.

Q: Will birds try to nest on top of netting?

A: Birds may initially attempt to land on top of newly installed netting. However, the lack of a stable surface deters them from lingering. Nests require gathering sticks, grass, or other materials birds cannot obtain through the protective net. The mesh also flexes under shifting weight, preventing birds from settling atop it. Attempts to grasp the netting or poke through it with their beaks have no effect either. Very quickly, birds learn they cannot breach the netting or use it as a nest site. This drives them away for good in favor of easier building access.

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