Carpenter Ants


Size: Up to 13mm
Color: Black, red, yellow
Body: They look like a ‘jacked-up’ ant


Carpenter ants are large in size, and they can be found in several parts of the world. With the use of mandibles, they infest trees and other wood surfaces. Although they prefer wood as their residence, they are not like termites, and hence they do not eat the wood. Their name suggests that they use the wood for building their nest, creating pathways that they can use for storing their food and even laying their eggs.


Carpenter ants are among the largest species of ants and can reach up to 13 mm. Therefore, they are visible to the eye, and they can be identified by their nesting patterns, as well as their characteristic physique. Their color varies from total black to red and yellow.


You will typically find carpenter ants in places where the wood is damp and moist. It has been mentioned above that carpenter ants do not feed on the wood, but they use it as their nest. As for food, they can eat other insects and many of the foods that humans store in the kitchen (sugar, meat products, etc.)

They lay eggs that hatch within a few weeks (generally stretching up to 12 weeks) and they can live up to a quarter of a century.  Reproduction takes place by the queen, just like it happens with many other insects.


For thorough dealing with carpenter ant infestation, you must call the experts and allow for pest control within the infested area. Of course, preventive measures include the avoidance of any dampness in the wood that can create an ideal environment for them. You must make sure that any wood surface is carefully dried and does not contain any carpenter ants or their nests.

After having identified the problem with carpenter ant infestation, the professionals will suggest the most suitable way to treat the issue. There are chemicals in the market that can work wonders towards eliminating the threat of carpenter ants. The area needs to be evacuated and left clean, in order for the pest control to work efficiently.

Affordability & Reliability:

Carpenter ant pest control is of utmost importance since these insects reproduce exponentially and their numbers can reach great heights. In avoidance of such negative consequences, therefore, you must be thorough when cleaning the infested areas. Only with the proper equipment and with the necessary know-how can you rest assured that no carpenter ants will ever bother you again.

As for the cost of the carpenter ant pest control, it is quite affordable. If you take into consideration the fact that this process allows you to maintain your home in its prime state, you can see why it is such a prudent investment. Contact the experts in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia, Canada and let them show you what they can do for you.

Do not settle for anything less than professional assistance with proven results, in order for the pest control to provide the optimal results.



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