Fruit Flies

They is smaller when compared to the cluster and house flies. They can be found mostly on a rotten fruit or overripe.  These can be a significant problem since they develop in the overripe fruits and can also be found in the fermented liquid.

House Flies

House Flies can be seen in our home, but there are two types of this; the house fly and the bottled fly. The bottled fly has a metallic luster while the house fly has a dull-grey color. They love to feed on the decaying matter and human food. They are also the prime carrier of the disease. Infestation of fly on food business can hurt the company’s reputation and may lead to business dissolution.

Cluster Flies

These insects are about the same size of a typical house fly. But they are more robust when it comes to the body structure.  Contingent upon the weather condition, they will invade your house staring from the month of August up to December.  They can be commonly seen on the warmer area of the house (attic or window).  During their larva stage, the cluster flies will feed on the earthworms and the adult larva will prefer the taste of the plant nectar.  This is a high contrast on the fruit flies and the common house flies that prefers decaying matters.  During the cold season, they will seek refuge in the comfort of your home where they will just wait until the coming of the spring season.

Flies can cause a significant threat to your health due to the various diseases that they carry.  Thinking about the fly infestation will make you think about the typical house flies. However, there are several types of this insect that can be found normally in our house.  Here are some renowned types of flies as well as their behavior and features.


The best possible type of prevention for the different types of flies would be to keep it sanitized.  Cluster Flies can be prevented from entering your house by blocking the possible entryways of the flies.  You may also require the help of the pest control experts to treat the exterior part of your house.  House flies would be impossible to stop from entering your house, but there are steps that you can do in order to stop them from multiplying.  You can use a cleaning mixture that contains a disinfectant.

For the fruit flies, it would be suggested to throw away your overripe or rotten vegetables and fruits.  For the moth flies, refrain from pouring bleach on your drain if there is already an infestation of drain flies.  This is not a solution to your problem and may only damage your pipe.  The use of enzymatic cleaner would be an ideal solution.

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