Pantry Moths


Size: Adults are 8–10 mm in length with 16–20 mm wingspans
Color: Gray, brown, black, or white.
Body: Feathery antannae


There are a few different signs that you might want to look out for if you are suspecting pantry moth infestation in your home. Right off the bat, you might want to look out for telltale signs which include webbing located alongside the corner of different packages or within the product itself. The most common targets are cereals, flour, and other foods of the kind. This is usually accompanied with a very unpleasant smell as well as a stick secretion which is going to cause the grains of the food to clump and stick together.

If you manage to identify the presence of caterpillars or even of adult pantry moths near pantry – you most certainly are facing an infestation. This is when you should consider getting professional help.


One of the most common things is to confuse moths with butterflies. Even though there are some apparent similarities, a closer look is going to depict clear differentiation signs that you should be able to catch up.

When looking at a pantry moth you’ll notice that its antennae are rather feathery. Moths are usually in one color such as gray, brown, black, or white.

Control & Prevention:

Professional pest treatment for moths generally starts with a cleaning of the affected area; ridding all nested foods sites, sanitizing surfaces, vacuuming remaining debris associated with their presence, and a targeted insecticide spray to reduce the probability of a nesting site become active again.

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