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Pigeons are a common nuisance bird found throughout Vancouver. With their tendency to roost on buildings and leave behind copious amounts of droppings, pigeons can cause extensive property damage and raise health concerns if left uncontrolled.

Getting rid of pigeons and keeping them away for good requires a strategic approach. Our expert bird removal experts at All Green Pest Control are ready to remove these unwanted birds from your property and keep them from coming back. We can give you a free estimate.

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Understanding Vancouver’s Pigeon Problem

The rock pigeon, also known as the rock dove, is common across North America, thriving in urban environments like Vancouver. Pigeons flock to buildings with accessible ledges, eaves, and cavities that resemble their natural cliff habitats. Abundant food sources from trash cans, handouts, and unattended pet food also draw pigeons to populate urban areas.

In Vancouver, pigeons tend to gather in large flocks around apartment buildings, commercial sites, parks, and other structures that provide shelter and food access. Pigeon droppings corrode and degrade buildings, while also spreading diseases. Nesting materials can clog gutters and drains. Ongoing roosting and nesting by pigeons causes further structural issues over time.


If you’ve noticed pigeons frequenting your home or business, it may be time to manage them. The structural issues they cause are coupled by potential health risks. These birds can carry bacteria like E. coli, and their droppings can harbor disease-causing microbes like Histoplasma and Salmonella. As common as pigeons are, it can be dangerous for you, your family, and your guests to be continually exposed to infections from these birds.

Removing Established Pigeon Infestations

Once pigeons have already taken up residence on your property, non-lethal removal methods performed by professionals deliver the best results. All Green Pest Control uses humane pigeon deterrents and exclusion methods. Our technicians install stainless steel bird spikes, slope modifications, netting barriers, and other solutions based on your site requirements.


Over 2 to 3 visits, we can remove nests, droppings, and food sources to safely disperse pigeon flocks without harming them. For particularly stubborn pigeon problems, All Green offers gel repellents. The non-toxic formula makes roosting spots uncomfortable for birds. Applied to ledges and other areas where pigeons gather, the sticky gel deters landing and forces them to relocate.

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What to expect when you schedule Pigeon removal

Step 1: Pigeon Control Service Inspection

We conduct an inspection of the property to spot nuisance birds and choose the best management techniques.


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Step 2: Pigeon Removal and Trapping

We will put Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tactics into practice. While our proven techniques are at work, we also provide you with helpful advice to exclude, clean up, or lessen pest bird attraction, roosting, and breeding in the future.


Step 3: Professional Pigeon Control Exclusion

Our bird removal and control experts will locate and seal any potential entry points, ensuring a bird-free property after removal.

Protecting Your Property After Pigeon Removal

Eliminating an existing pigeon infestation means little without prevention measures against future re-colonization. All Green’s technicians can provide you with a customized maintenance plan upon completing pigeon removal to keep the birds away for good. We’ll perform in-depth property assessments to identify vulnerabilities. Ongoing installations like netting, bird spikes, and slope modification help pigeon-proof buildings and deny entry.


For sites bordering green spaces, All Green offers roost relocation assistance to safely direct pigeons away from the vicinity. Our technicians will also educate you on general property hygiene methods to discourage pigeon nesting after removal. Simple adjustments like sealing trash containers, removing food debris, and modifying landscaping make your property far less attractive to future flocks.

Why DIY Pigeon Control Eventually Fails

With persistence, pigeons inevitably find ways around makeshift deterrents and barriers installed by non-professionals. Methods like ultrasonic repellers, owl decoys, and porcupine wire offer only temporary relief before pigeons repopulate and cause further damage.

All Green Pest Control pigeon specialists hold advanced training and certifications for humane bird management methods. Our integrated plans and professional-grade solutions keep pigeons off properties for good. By customizing lasting deterrents based on each property’s unique requirements, we prevent pigeons from working around safeguards over time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Pigeon Control

Q: How can I get rid of pigeons naturally?

A: While home remedies like spraying vinegar or putting out mothballs may temporarily shoo away some pigeons, these DIY methods don’t provide lasting control. The most effective natural pigeon deterrent is excluding their access to roosting spots with properly installed barriers. All Green Pest Control’s technicians use bird netting, spikes, slope modifications, and other humane exclusion tactics to naturally deny pigeons entry and force them to find new habitat.

Q: Why do I see so many pigeons in my neighbourhood?

A: Pigeons flock to areas with ample food and sites that resemble their natural rocky habitats. Multi-story buildings with ledges, signs, or cavities for roosting draw in large numbers of pigeons across neighbourhoods. Nearby sources of food waste like dumpsters, uncontrolled compost heaps, and litter also provide sustenance for pigeons to multiply and congregate. Implementing area-wide maintenance practices helps make entire neighbourhoods less accommodating to pigeons over time.

Q: Will birds return after nest removal?

A: Without proper safeguards in place, pigeons often repopulate areas after initial dispersal and nest removal. All Green’s technicians are trained to install physical barriers across identified entry points after clearing pigeon nests and droppings. Ongoing maintenance checks also ensure any new breach points are promptly secured. Over time, the absence of food sources and roosting sites forces pigeons to find new habitat away from your property for good.

Q: Is it illegal to trap or poison pigeons in Vancouver?

A: Pigeons are categorized as Schedule C animals in British Columbia, meaning they can be legally hunted or killed. However, there are methods of pigeon-killing that may be unlawful. For instance, the use of poisons and lethal traps are considered inhumane and could harm other wildlife that are legally protected.

All Green Pest Control focuses on safe, sustainable methods approved for urban bird management. Our control plans use humane deterrents and exclusion tactics to safely relocate pigeons without harm.


Q: How long does pigeon removal and prevention take?

A: After your initial inspection and site analysis, All Green’s technicians can complete pigeon removal across most single-family residential properties within 2 to 3 days. Preventative installations take 1 to 2 additional days.

For larger commercial sites with entrenched pigeon populations, allow 4 to 6 weeks for full dispersal, removing of nests and droppings, and completing all proofing installations. Ongoing maintenance checks continue as long as you have a service plan with All Green to ensure permanent resolution.

Q: What are signs of a pigeon infestation?

A: Detecting a pigeon infestation early on gives the best chance for effective control. Signs include excessive bird droppings, feathers, and debris accumulating on outdoor surfaces and entry points. Also look out for nesting materials like straw and twigs gathering in gutters or window sills. Finally, you may have visual confirmation of birds gathered on or flying to or from your property. Once you spot them roosting, it’s best to get removal action before populations grow.

Q: Should I clean up pigeon droppings myself?

A: Attempting do-it-yourself removal of accumulated pigeon waste carries health risks from inhaling particles. Pigeon droppings contain respiratory irritants and disease-causing fungi you can unintentionally stir up. For safe, proper cleanup and to stop ongoing buildup, All Green Pest Control’s technicians wear protective gear while power washing or manually removing guano with disinfectants. Let the pros handle this hazardous mess!

Q: Do pigeon spikes or netting harm birds?

A: When installed correctly by trained professionals like All Green Pest Control, humane pigeon exclusion methods do not harm birds. Stainless steel spike systems sit flush to surfaces, causing minimal discomfort to pigeons landing on them. Properly tensioned netting gives way under impact, flexing to absorb force rather than entangling birds. All Green’s technicians are avian management experts, safely guiding pigeons away from properties without injury.

Q: Can pest control get rid of pigeons in my attic or roof?

A: Pigeons nesting inside attics, roofs, and similar indoor structures require professional removal before they can cause serious damage. All Green Pest Control humanely extracts the birds and seals off indoor entry points. We also remove any nesting materials and droppings before applying disinfectants to neutralize left-behind bacteria and odours. Contact us right away if you confirm or even suspect pigeons accessing your building’s interior.

Take The Next Step Against Vancouver’s Pigeon Problem

Battling problematic pigeons in Vancouver takes expert planning and solutions. Rather than tolerating the damage and hazards from uncontrolled pigeons on your property, contact the specialists at All Green Pest Control today by calling (604) 990-0100

Our humane, lasting pigeon control services keep birds away without harming them. Invest now in professional pigeon removal and exclusion systems so you can fully enjoy your outdoor living areas free of droppings, feathers, and other annoying issues stemming from pigeons.

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