Norway (Brown) Rats

Norway rats are also called brown rats due to their coloring. Norway rats can be brown or grey-furred, and their fur is shaggy. They are one of the larger rat species since they can weigh more than 500 grams. They can grow to be 40cm long, with a tail length of 21 cm.

This species of rats are omnivores and eat a wide range of food. They will need a source of water, so they will try to make their colony close to water and food. They prefer to live in colonies, which mean if you see one, there are generally more nearby.

Roof (Black) Rats

Roof rats are also called black rats. They can be brown or black in color with smooth fur. They can measure over 40cm long. They are sleeker and smaller than Norway rats.

Roof rats like to nest under or in buildings. They are great climbers, so they are normally found in the upper areas of buildings. They are very adaptable, meaning that they can live just about anywhere. Roof rats prefer to eat fruits and nuts, but they are also omnivores. They also will stockpile their food, like nuts and seeds, if they have more than enough food.

Rats can be great pets, but they can also be unwanted visitors in your home. Unlike mice, rats are smart and have learned to avoid many types of traps. They can spread other pests like ticks and fleas into your home. There are two main species of rats in the lower mainland: the Norway Rat, and Roof Rat.

Signs of Rats:

As both species of rats are nocturnal and not seen unless they are exposed, it can be hard to know if you have rats in your home. Rat droppings are one of the best indicators of rats. Grease marks are also a good sign. Gnaw marks are also left by both types of rats on food and other objects.

Control & Prevention:

To prevent rats, you have to eliminate their necessities of life. These are shelter, water, and food. This can be difficult to remove all three. However, if there is no water, and very light food, rats are forced to move somewhere else. Keeping your windows and vents screened is one of the best ways of keeping both types of rats out of your home. You should also note and remove tree branches that are close to windows, as roof rats can gnaw though screens.

You should still keep an eye out for any signs of rats, as they can quickly move in and reproduce.  If you think that you have rats in your home, contact our team. We will come and find out what species of rats are living in your home, and create a specialized plan to exterminate the rats in your home.


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